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Issue taking off old suspension...

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I am trying to remove the old suspension, but I can't get the tie bar off.... I used a rubber mallot, and nothing, it didnt even budge.... Anyone care to help or give ideas?

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If you are talking about the tie rod end, just go to Kragen and rent their 'pitman arm tool'. Doesn't cost anything, although you will have to lay down a $100 deposit. It attaches to the ball joint and pops it right off.

I installed an A-spec suspension last weekend and it worked like a charm.
Ditto on Kragon, ditto on the A-Spec suspension.

BTW, you're going to be turning a threaded rod on the tool with a wrench in order to separate the ball joint. A lot of tension builds up and I was completely surprised at how loud and...what...violent it was when it finally popped. So be prepared.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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