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ITR expo...why can't we get a rsx hpde together??

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big movie... but

they're getting their 2003 one this makes me wanna road race more and more....

I wish clubrsx can get this together...unfortunately too many draggers here...
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I will be attending/working the ITR expo at Beaver Run. My friend Trey (Asahi on H-T) is organizing the event. One of the instructors is an engineer for Honda and will be driving his DC5 equipped with ITR suspension. I will ask about the feasability of an hpde and let you know when I find something out. Regardless, you should come either way. Several sponsors including Mugen, Comptech, and Hondata will be in attendance. Mugen will be showcasing their DC5 WC car as well.
niiiiice... now I gotta get my car back and save some dough up =P
I'll be there most likely, that's a sweet facility. Maybe I'll buy some TypeR badges :laughing: If I can't run, I'll still go down to check it out. I'm really looking foward to driving there this year, I couldn't last year b/c I busted up my engine a few weeks before. =(
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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