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It's 2023. What different options are there nowadays for K20A2 and K20Z1 repairs/replacements when we start to enounter engine trouble?

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Anything special we should know or be aware of? Looking for somebody with some answers and experience in this area. As these cars become more and more rare, it's harder to meet mechanics who have been through it. I think I my Type S might be burning an unacceptable amount of oil now, and I need to prepare myself if that's the case. Thanks all..
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I mean...these engines are still fairly common and well-supported in terms of maintenance items. A lot of Honda's from 2002ish through the early 2010's had K-series engines (RSX, Element, Accord, CR-V, Civic Si, etc.). Is there anything specifically that you're concerned about?
Thanks for the reply. I had my oil changed in Nov. by Acura. I just checked the oil levels yesterday after a little over 1k miles of driving, and I'm already below the low level marker on the dipstick. Has me a bit concerned. Any thoughts?
If you’re not leaking it, you’re burning it…
That's what I'm worried about. What are some of the potential causes of burning the oil up, and what are the fixes?

I’d think it’s making its way past the piston rings and into the combustion chamber. It’s normal for our cars to burn oil, but your situation does seem excessive. Any smoke or burnt smell from the exhaust?
Nothing like that that I've noticed, but I'm probably going to need to pay closer attention because it may be there and I'm just missing it. After hearing about Honda's info stating that it's normal for the RSX to burn oil (1qt every 2,500k on average?) that gave me a little hope.
At 150,000 miles my 03 Type S would use about 8 ounces between 5000 mile change intervals. I guess its all how they are broken in when new.
Man, that is always my hang up when looking at buying a used car. You never know how it’s been used or abused, especially a new sports car during a break-in period.
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