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It's 2023. What different options are there nowadays for K20A2 and K20Z1 repairs/replacements when we start to enounter engine trouble?

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Anything special we should know or be aware of? Looking for somebody with some answers and experience in this area. As these cars become more and more rare, it's harder to meet mechanics who have been through it. I think I my Type S might be burning an unacceptable amount of oil now, and I need to prepare myself if that's the case. Thanks all..
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It's an inconvenience to try and keep up with burning oil, especially if you like to crack vtec here and there. I once let me car burn oil and didn't keep track of it as I should have. Long story short, I found myself next to a Prius in k20a2 swapped Ep3. He wanted some and I went for it, next think you know, my car started knocking. I oil starved it and damaged the rod bearings.

Start thinking about an engine rebuild. While you're in there it might be a good idea to knock out the head gasket, piston rings, valve seals, timing chain/tensioner, and maybe even the rod/crank bearings.
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