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so after hiding all these years, im finally back.....Here is just a little timeline...

Kayla version .01 (December 2001)
Purchased the car and took delivery DEC 19, 2001
Neuspeed sport spings and some bumps in the trunk! :D

Kayla version 1.0 (2003 to 2005)

C-West lip kit
17x7.5 SSR Type-C

Eibach 2004...The best Eibach meet ever!

Kayla Version 2.0 (2005 to 2006)
Took all the parts off and sold it. I cried when i sold my ssr's. The lucky owner drove a 2005 BOM. I wanted to sell the car (reason for taking everything off), but no one ever bought the car. Rocked it stock, just dropped...We all know what stock looks like so, on to the next section.

Kayla version 3.0 (2007 to 2008)
Crashed the car, had parts laying around so i said what the hell, lets put it on. The out come? See below.

ITR All the way around...
17x8 SSR GP-O

Autofest San Diego 2008

Eibach 2008

Kayla Version 4.0 build up.... (2009)
Crashed yet sideswiped on the way to now was the perfect opportunity to rebuild....So here it goes..

bye bye rear windshield nozzle...


Some Algernon Intelesse 18x8 +35 offset


Bye Bye Tan Interior....


Gold Fancy!!
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Qutoed from Bum Fights Cribs....."I RIDE THE BEST CUZ I COME FROM THE WEST!....I RIDE GOLD FANCY BABY!" - Pimp C. hahaha :D

You can't see it but the roof has small flakes of gold...

Car will be done this week... I'll post the rest of the pics soon...
whats left to do is spraying the engine bay black, and spraying the dash, and putting the car back together.

*updated pictures*

Still on the to do list:
1. install the new coilovers
2. install JDM HID headlights
3. install JDM foot lights
4. ITR rear seats
5. ITR front recaros
6. JDM Visors
7. Get the CAR BUFFED! Im gonna wait about another month just to make sure the clear coat has harden up like a diamond. FYI i have about 9 coats of clear.

Now on to the pictures!

*it was really hard to captures the cars true color on camera. It looks a lot better in person. Eventually i'll get some day time pics next time i'm off, but for now enjoy the night pics*


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Shaved and welded fenders

All Black interior except the seat. Interior was sprayed with SEM interior paint...

*update 7/3/09*
getting towed back to Sinful Enhancements where i'll be pulling the motor out so I can drop it off to Sport Car Motion to get rebuilt....

Sneak Peak of the new shoes....


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Finally took the motor apart and it looks like I spun a rod bearing in cylinder 2. with the bearing fucked, it caused the piston to slap the head, bending all four valves. It's not too bad, a resurface is all it needs. The crank is fucked, bearing shots, pistons need to be replaced along with oil pump and four valves. The short block is okay, not damages to the walls, but the block needs to be decked. I should have the motor built in about 3 weeks, gotta wait for parts to come in...

Plans for the motor you ask?

ARP Headstuds
Buddy Club N+ spec cams (Thanks to Dan)
Buddy Club titanium dual springs and retainers (Thanks to Dan)
Valve job
resurface the head
Decking the block
hone block
micropolish the crank
RBC manifold
injen CAI with blox 6" velocity stack and K&N filter
CTR FD2 11.7:1 pistons
k20A stock crank
ITR Header (possibly with a spoon downpipe)
Custom 2.5" exhaust (vrs Mandel bends, vibrant ultra quiet resonator, vibrant flat black muffler with turndown tip)
Kpro upgrade
new water/oil pump
hondata manifold gasket
ENCOREDC5 custom A/C lines
Chase Bays Mil spec 2 engine harness
a lot more but i can't remember...


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Its about time.......

Buddy club N+ Spec cams
Buddy Club Ti retainers and spring
ITR Pistons
RBC Mani
ITR Exhaust manifold
Injen CAI
Custom 2.5" exhaust
Vibrant Racing ultra quite resonator
Vibrant racing Flat Black muffler
Honda Kpro

As of 4/5/10 this is how the car sits... I have a few new goodies on the way...I'll update again along with new pictures once everything is on.

5/22/10 Teaser of new goodies....

Notice anything different?



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sik bro. did you paint the interior?

cant wait to see finished shots.
SEMS interior paint. No cracking, no fading, and heat resistant. Many oldschool hot rods, and classic cars use this stuff. We told the paint dealer that this was going to be a showcar, so we need something that will not fade, crack, and etc.
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