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POST #160 bought a new (to me) car

Bought the car in July, 2001. Been through some stuff!

UPDATE 12-22-15
New OEM front bumper and Aspec front lip
New OEM fog lights
Type-s front BMC, prop valve, brake booster and SS rear lines
New LCA bushings
Top1motors side splitter
New wheels on Michelin pilot SS, aligned and corner balanced

Started with this:

Four years later (I swear, this look was in then!):

Four years after, made the biggest mistake by having it painted on the cheap. I like what I was going for, but execution was, well, cheap:

And today, conversion by ksmatic and paintjob by Galpin Autosports:

My best effort with my DSLR (missing some recent mods in these pics, like exhaust)






Some out and about pics through the years

For those wondering about wheel and tire specs, here's me answering some questions! Hope this helps

randy_rsx said:
Question on your wheel tire set up. 18x9 30 offset wrapped in 235/40 18.
randy_rsx said:
camber kit installed with coilover.
Tanabe Pro-Fives with SPC camber kits front and rear. Front coils set two clicks above medium, rear coils at medium

randy_rsx said:
No rubbing? Even when hitting pot holes or high speed dip in the road where you bounce at times.
Absolutely no rubbing in these circumstances. Even going 80mph and big dip or bump in the roads. I can go over most speed bumps straight on. 100% rub-free. Alignment specs for this are -2.5 all four corners!

randy_rsx said:
High speed cornering. No rubbing?
High speed cornering, no rubbing. ONLY time I rub is driver's side when I am making a right turn up a driveway. That's it. I can't figure out why, I figure it's because I'm sitting there. 200lbs on one corner has gotta influence that. But when I am tearing through the canyons, even on big dip and sharp turns at speed, zero rubbing.

randy_rsx said:
You still have fender liners? You didn't roll up your fenders at all front and back?
I do still have my fender lines. They are trimmed lightly. What I did was put some painters tape all on the inside of the wheel well, then I took as many hard turns, etc as I could. When I got back, I looked for where the tape had rubbed off, and I simply cut that shape out.

All four of my fenders are rolled flat

randy_rsx said:
How much gap you got between tire and the edge of the fender?
A little less than one finger.

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Looks sick! makes me regret not doing a colour change when i got my paintjob :(
thanks! yeah it's not too late is it :p

Clean. I'd lose the center caps but that's just me. Looks great though! Pics are huge too haha
nah not trying to fake the funk :D thanks

:drool: one clean ass base

Nice car, nice pics. Surprised its a base auto.
yep! thx!

very nice :drool:

nice retrofits too, what are you dropped on?
tanabe pro-five coilovers

what retrofits r these??
lightwerkz, e46 shrouds with MH1s

I dig the wheels :thumbsup:
rotas :-D

i think mh1's with e46-r shrouds
:thumbsup: by lightwerkz

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holy big photos batman! That color is sooooo sexy! Love your ride man
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