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Jdm dc5 better pics YO!!!"check them out"

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Me just cruzing

@ autocrave

Just homies showing off

YUP type R

My daily seats @ home

JDM vin tag YO!!!

HID's 10000

These lights can BLIND u.
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and what's the point of making 3 threads? lol jk nice car pare
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Got any "head on" pics, that have the cf lip? That lip is hot shit man, i like! +rep!
nice, i remember yur car at autocrave
JDM bling ftw!
I remember seeing your car at Autocrave.
kick back at home with those seat must be hella cool and playing video game too!
damn, how often do you do you roll off that bed?:laughing: nice car pare:thumbsup:
looks good bro
car looks sick!
thats the first left hand drive jdm i have ever seen.
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