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anyone know a part number for the silver type r wheels, i need two of them and i know it is in the honda parts system and there are some in the us.

disk, aluminium wheel (asahi)
(17x7jj) *nh95mz*
blade silver metallic-z

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Not really a part number but I'm wondering what tranny fluid they are using in k20a transmission. I live in Utah and am running a mixture of OEM Honda green label and GM synchromesh. Just wondering if this should be fine for the winter time... Chris what are you using in yopur Type R up there in Coloardo?

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We had a list going in our club:

Rear engine mount: 50810-S7C-003
Auxiliary Belt: 38920-PRC-014
Spark plug: 98079571BV
Interior clips black: 91560-S84-A11
Interior clips white: 91560-S84-A01
Oil filter crush washer: 94109-14000
Inner fender clips: 91501-S04-003
Transmission fluid washer 20mm: 9410920000
Transmission fluid washer 14mm: 9410914000
HID ballast: 33119-S6M-003
Trunk cargo net (set): 08L96-S6M-000
Oil filter: 15400-PLM-A02
HondaBond HT: 08718-0004
Foglight switch (kit): 08V31S5T61035
Engine sealer (hondabond): 087180009
Oil filter wrench: 07AAA-PLCA100
Camshaft alignment tool: 07AAB-RWCA120
Valve cover gasket: 12341-RTA-000
Ignition coil: 30520-RRA-007
Tie rod end: 53541-S7A-003
Cabin filter (pair): 80292-S5D-A01
Timing chain tensioner: 14510-PRB-A01
Exhaust manifold gasket: 18115-PRB-A01
IACV: 16022-PRB-A02
IAT sensor: 37880-PLC-004
MAP sensor: 37830-PGK-A01
Chain case gasket (kit): 06114-PRB-A01
Spark plug tube seal: 12342-PCX-004
1DIN radio pocket: 77280-S6M-A01ZA
Washer jet (cw white): O/S 76810-S6M-J01ZC
Washer jet (cw white): N/S 76815-S6M-J01ZC
Washer jet (cw white): Rear 76850-S6M-J11ZJ
K20A Crank pulley: 13810-PRC-003
Trunk side hanger: 84618-S6M-A01ZA
Clear sidelights (same as EP3 pre-facelift): 34301-S5H-T02
Bolt, flange 10X30: 95701-10030-08 (exhaust manifold bolts for example)
41200-PNT-003: OEM LSD
54102-S6M-R00X: OEM 6sp Gearknob
12251-RRC-004: OEM FD2 Headgasket
13010-RRC-000: OEM FD2 Piston set inc. rings
08R04-S6M-001: OEM wind deflectors
17010-SL0-Z00X: OEM pedal set
71110-S6M-Z00ZC: OEM front lip spoiler (facelift?)
17516-S5A-930: Fuel filter (fuel pump department)
16010-S5A-932: Fuel filter (main filter)
80110-S6M-A01: Aircon condensor
80872-ST7-000: O-Ring (1/2") (needed for aircon condensor)
80873-ST7-000: O-Ring (8mm) (needed for aircon condensor)
19200-PRB-A01: water pump

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I think this is the part number for the Civic type r crank shaft harmonic balance pulley i found it by mistake it has rrc in it so it has to be it. part # 13810-RRC-003
Correct me if im wrong...

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Hi all , I need the part number for the inner CV joint boot for the DC5-R

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So I need some JDM DC5 Part #'s and I'm having a hell of a time searching for them so hopefully this will make it easier for someone else. this is what i have so far. As i find more i will update my list feel free to post any if you have them! also if anyone knows they are incorrect please also let me know!

Flywheel - 22100-PRC-003
Intake Camshaft - 14110-PRC-000
Exhaust Camshaft - 14120-PRC-000
Intake Manifold - 17100-PRC-000
Pistons - 13010-PRC-010
Piston Rings - 13011-PRA-EO2Red H ABP Front - 7S710-S6M-Z01ZA
Left Front LCA - 51360-S6M-Z01
Right Front LCA - 51350-S6M-Z01

'05-'06 hid left head light- 33151-S6M-J51
'05-'06 hid right head light- 33101-S6M-J51

Piston Rings - 13011-PRA-EO2is this the same part number for the jdm DC5 ITR?...when i do a search i am seeing where its for the Type S
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