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DC5 / RSX-R Integra
Non-HID Headlight Assmeblies

what does that mean? i saw this on some other page they're selling them for $490. but when i buy my headlamps, i would want to be able to put HIDs in them. so what does that mean?:dontknow:
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the JDM headlights have a couple versions..

the iS version which is the closest you can get to the original type-s/base headlights

the "type-r" version which comes without HIDS

and another "type-r" version which COMES with hids.. this version of the light cost about $1,200..

the one you are buying, is probably the iS version, which will support an H1 HID kit..
so i could buy the JDM non-hid lamps, and then buy the h1 hid kit?
the iS version which is the closest you can get to the original type-s/base headlights

what do you mean by that? :dontknow:
i heard the beam pattern kind of gets throw off a bit w/ the jdm lights. not sure; don't know anyone that has them. can't wait to get my hands on them though.
nintecninja said:
the iS version which is the closest you can get to the original type-s/base headlights

what do you mean by that? :dontknow:

what i mean by that is that it will use an H1 bulb.. the other one doesn't use an H1 bulb
Its not that the beam pattern is off with the JDM headlights. Its that they are designed for right hand drive (Japan).


so which one is better? like the one most people have?
I have the non-HID JDM headlamps for my car. They are a direct fit for my rsx type-s. The beam position is what's different about the jdm headlights. If you look @ your stock lights, you'll notice that the beam cuts up to the right side of the car. This is done because we drive on the right side of the road, so that we can see more things happening on the side of the road, like kids. With the jdm lenses, the situation is reversed. The beam cuts up to the left. From time to time an oncoming car will flash at me, cause they think my headlights are on, but most don't. I want to put an hid kit in my car but I'm worried about pissing off oncoming motorists too much, or by being stopped by a cop, with aftermarket hids. But as far as the headlights go, they were a breeze to install. Like I said direct fit!
Hey Nintecninja,

I recently purchased some of the JDM headlamps from Options Auto Salon and they are great. They are the kind labeled as "non-HID." I am not sure what that really refers to, but I just put my Phillips 8000k lights in with minor difficulties. I had a few leakage problems at first, but with a little of ingenuity and a couple of trips to The Home Depot, I got it figured out. The housings no longer leak and appear to be stock. I mounted the ballasts under the housings just behind the front bumper. I had to aim them a bit lower than I would have thought though, as the bluish-purple halo around the beam has more glare than other kits. As for the price of the housings themselves, $480 is what I paid for them. I did as much homework as I could and I soon discovered that about $500 is a pretty good price no matter where you find them, even for eBay.
Non-HID means that it doesn't come with the HID's in them. An HID kit can be installed in them, its jsut taht it doesn't come with the HID from the Type R using the honda 4100K.
Got'cha, Someone told me that if you got the non-HID's, that they were not HID compatable in any way. All JDM headlamps will work because they have all the stock mounting positions for the Honda D2R kit. Kinda expensive, though.
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