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Non-HID Headlight Assmeblies

what does that mean? i saw this on some other page they're selling them for $490. but when i buy my headlamps, i would want to be able to put HIDs in them. so what does that mean?:dontknow:
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Hey Nintecninja,

I recently purchased some of the JDM headlamps from Options Auto Salon and they are great. They are the kind labeled as "non-HID." I am not sure what that really refers to, but I just put my Phillips 8000k lights in with minor difficulties. I had a few leakage problems at first, but with a little of ingenuity and a couple of trips to The Home Depot, I got it figured out. The housings no longer leak and appear to be stock. I mounted the ballasts under the housings just behind the front bumper. I had to aim them a bit lower than I would have thought though, as the bluish-purple halo around the beam has more glare than other kits. As for the price of the housings themselves, $480 is what I paid for them. I did as much homework as I could and I soon discovered that about $500 is a pretty good price no matter where you find them, even for eBay.
Got'cha, Someone told me that if you got the non-HID's, that they were not HID compatable in any way. All JDM headlamps will work because they have all the stock mounting positions for the Honda D2R kit. Kinda expensive, though.
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