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New build starts on PG 21 after blown motor
New numbers were 636whp, 502trq

Final Video

I figured its about time I start this thread since stuff is starting to come together, will keep this first page updated

Big thanks to all the people I have bought parts from for bearing with my constant nagging

Thanks to Brian from CRSX for putting up with a bunch of questions/orders for misc parts

Another thanks to Raffi at Full-Race ( [email protected] ) for helping me out with my order, keeping me informed and putting up with me

And most importantly the person doing my motor & tune Derek from Innovative Motorworks


List of mods:

Benson sleeved K20Z1 block with 88mm bore
CP 9.8:1 pistons
Manley Turbo Tuff Rods
ARP Studs
Hybrid Racing Tensioner
Honda bearings
Cometic 88mm headgasket
New water pump, oil pump, chains, etc...

K20A2 Head
Ferrea 6000 valves
Brian Crower titanium retainers, springs, seats
Brian Crower Stg 2 N/A Cams

Supporting mods/Turblow/clutch/etc...
Twinscroll Full-Race 8374 EFR kit
3" K-Teller Piping, 3" Vibrant Res, 3" Vibrant flat black muffler
1000CC ID Injectors
Hybrid Racing Fuel Rail
Aeromotive Fuel filter
Aeromotive FPR
Bosch 044 fuel pump
Walbro intank pump
-8AN Russell feed
-6AN Russell return
Competition Clutch Twin Disk
Tilton CMC
Hybrid Racing shift linkage bushings
Innovative mounts @ 85A
PPG 1-4 with tsx 6th & Quaife LSD
Buddyclub N+ Coilovers
Buddyclub rear camber kit
Stoptech Rotors
Hawk HPS Pads
Russell SS brake lines
Billet Design Battery bracket w/ Odyssey pc680MT batt
17"x8.5" +30mm TE37's wrapped w Nitto NT1 in front
Vibrant 4" Velocity Stack

might be forgetting a few other things...

here is the spare block I bought

and the spare head

bunch of oem goodies

My fuel stuff

Clutch Stuff

Drag Radials

Battery w/ bracket

Full-Race Kit

close-up of the mani

And finally here are pics of the motor build, courtesy of Derek from Innovative Motorworks :bow: We are still waiting on the bearings before the build starts

Block finally back from Benson Sleeving

Pistons, crank, rods installed

almost all together, missing a pivot bolt on the chain guide, have to get thru the dealer so we are waiting on a new one

me and my friend picked up our built motors

And so it Begins

Motor almost ready to pull

ready to pull

lifting out

empty motor bay

new twin going in, flywheel on

clutch disks and pp on

going back in

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all 4 mounts bolted up, wiring underway

pulled my knuckles off to install buddy club ball joints

new ball joints are in the knuckle

radiator, battery, front bumper bar re-installed, as well as cruise control deleted

mounted and wired up my new AEM digital gauges

installed my RBC, fuel injectors, fuel rail, and fuel feed

clean up the engine bay, installed my ktuned throttle body bracket and cable, tilton cmc, and a few other things

mounted up the intercooler

and mounted the turbo manifold

ran some of the ic pipes, mounted the cmc resevoir, bled the clutch, still need to hook up the injector clips, run vacuum lines and hook up the turbo when it comes

body is back together

intercooler pipes hooked up, fuel injector wiring done..... now just gotta wait on this turbo. but when it comes just gotta clock it, hooked up oil and water lines and boom

car is back together, back on the ground.....

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Fully Boosted
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This is from D-Rob's thread he created. took the quote out so pics would show up

"As some of you know the twin scroll EFR 8374's have finally begun shipping, and a customer of mine ("Jeff122886" here) was one of the first to receive one of these puppy's.

Yesterday, he made the long trip from Boston (7 hours each way) for some welding, engine break-in, and finally pump gas and C16 tuning.

His previous mid-pipe was constructed by what looked to be a blind baby with a MIG welder, and was thrashed up pretty well by the road. Below is the old versus new, because there's no use trying to make a bunch of power with a fancy new turbo through a crushed exhaust.

The turbo sitting nice and comfy in the engine bay of the RSX. It's strange to see a Full-Race divided sidewinder without gates on it!

Finally, the car on the dyno.

The engine was fresh (we assembled the engine over the summer, Benson-sleeved 87mm/Wiseco 9.8:1, Manley rods, etc...), so we did a small engine break-in on the dyno, changed the oil, and went for the lowest boost pressure setting available with the actuator on the turbo.

I was amazing to find that the internal gate was able to hold boost wonderfully at low pressures, with nothing but a small increase in boost over engine speed.

Next was to turn the boost up with the integrated solenoid. Upon applying duty cycle, I found that boost did not significantly move up until about the 50% or so range with this actuator. We also saw that while the internal gate does a great job bypassing exhaust flow to keep boost down, it still carries the same characteristics as most internally-gated turbos, in the way that once pressure goes up, it has a tendency to spike, then level, and ultimately fall off. That being said, I was able to make about 20psi in the middle, and 17.5psi up top with the first actuator, with controller duty cycle at 90% or so from 7,000 RPM and higher.

Below is a plot of the boost pressures on pump fuel. It is a comparison of the "high" setting, and the "low" setting after some preload adjustment.

With that said, the final 93 octane numbers were 508whp / 410wtq @ 20psi falling to 17.5psi up top. Because of this boost taper, the torque curve is a tad wavey up top. The engine's torque curve holds on, while boost drops. The dotted line shows wastegate pressure with a slight 1-2psi creep, so the curve looks normal.

After learning of the gate's tendency to drop boost pressure, a slightly stiffer actuator was installed while the 93 octane was pumped out, and C16 filled in its place.

The new actuator's lowest setting was around 14-15psi, and with that we were able to make about 25psi up top with 90% solenoid duty. In the middle, there was enough to make 28psi or so, but for the sake of consistency, we tuned to a flattened out 25psi.

At 25psi, we ended with 640whp / 480wtq.

As with the other gate, we saw a spike in pressure on spool-up, a slight drop, and then stabilize. The spike in torque on spool up can be seen on the pressure plot below.

Here is a comparison of the final C16 plots versus the final 93 octane.

Over-all, the turbo seemed to make similar power to a 6262, but spooled much like a GT3076R on this engine.

Here are a couple comparisons versus similar turbochargers:

EFR 8374 versus GT3582R

EFR 8374 versus T3/T67 H.O. (car with T67 is 11:1, on E85 even)

The EFR 8374 is hands-down one of the most responsive turbochargers of this size that I have dealt with.

Thanks for taking a look, just thought I would share the results. :thumbsup:

- Derek


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clean with build:thumbsup:

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jeff, i could have sworn the twinscroll .92ar was a external gated setup.. just wondering cuz you mani does not have any wg ports.
Nope only the 1.05 a/r is external
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