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**Car Video Link**

Link to first show-off thread:

**Progression of My RSX since Day 1**

Bought my 02 RSX Type-S in November of 2009 from a fellow member and my good friend 02 i-vtec:

Needed a lot of work, Although the lip kit was authentic, it didn't sit right. The car was repainted shitty, you can see primer through the paint at some points. It was terrible. Slowly made progression, such as 09 SI wheels, ARC Magic DC2 Winglets and small things here and there. I had 1 car at the time, so that winter, killed me inside to drive her like this:

I enjoyed driving my car around for a few months until April came around in 2010, I got in an accident that almost totaled it.

Long story short, I was on my way to a car show, crossing the Newburgh-Beacon bridge in NY in the far right cut off from a riced out prelude, who spoke shit all the time about me, from the middle lane, I switched to the middle lane to go around him and noticed the car that cut me off was going around a slower moving vehicle, so I switched back into the right lane. My back end kicked out, hit the wall going roughly 75mph, caught about 2-3 ft of air (according to witnesses) My car slammed back to the ground, I lost steering because I broke the steering column and such, hooked left and got T-Boned by an 07 Civic...I'm thankful it wasn't a truck because I knew I would have been dead. The door panel came off and bruised my left arm/shoulder. Doesn't look that bad, but here's the aftermath photos:

Over $7,500 in damage, my car was fucked up. The pictures don't do justice. So while in the shop, I got new front and rear bumpers, rims, and so on. I also got it repainted.

Finished product:

I was happy that it wasn't totaled. I saved up a lot of money, got Kpro and upgraded to the RBC Intake Manifold.

Then in the summer of 2011, leaving a friend's house I couldn't see shit because it was pouring...and backed into their gate/fence :face:

Got that all repaired...shortly after, for the winter of 2012, I did the 06 Front End conversion with a mugen lip and Varrstoen ES220s 17x9+22 dropped on Progress Suspension.

Start of the 2013 build...

Shot from my photoshoot by Chris Petruccio:

2014 Set Up:



06 Front conversion
Authentic JDM ITR Front and Rear Red H Badges
Authentic JDM Window Visors
JDM Orange Sidemarkers
ARC Magic DC2 Winglets
ARC Magic EK4 Wingets
Gen 1 TopOne Splitter
APR Rods
Backyard Special Front Bumper
Authentic 05-06 Aspec Front Lip
Authentic Airwalker Side Skirts
Authentic A-spec Side Skirts
ings+1 Front Wide Fenders
ings+1 Rear Wide Overlays
Authentic Type-R Rear Lip
Authentic Type-R Wing
Authentic A-spec Mini Decklid
Vision Technica Type DC Mirrors
Varrstoen ES220 17x9+22
Enkei NT03+M 18x9.5+27
Muteki Neo Chrome Lugs
Rear Wiper Delete Plug
OEM 05-06 Headlights Retrofitted with Bixenon OEM G37 Projectors and Shrouds
Sti V-Lip


Front DC5 ITR Sway Bar
Polished Lower Beaks Tie Bar
Function 7 LCAs
Progress Coilovers
SPC Rear Camber Kit
Front Ingalls Camber Kit
Opak Racing Front Strut Bar
Rear Authentic Spoon Strut Bar
ABS Delete with Encoredc5 Teflon Lines and Non-ABS Prop Valve


DC5 ITR Push Start
Red Suede door inserts
Authentic JDM Shift Boot
DC5 ITR Center Console
DC5 ITR E-Brake
01-04 DC5 Modulo Optional Trim Kit
ARC Magic Titanium Shift Knob
02-04 A-Spec Titanium Interior Trim Kit
Carbon accents
DC5 ITR Red Recaros
DC5 ITR Rear Seats
Cusco B-Pillar Bars
Cusco 6 Point Cage
Miracle X-Bar Version 2
330MM Personal Neo Grinta Black Leather/Red Stitched Steering Wheel
NRG 131H Short Hub
NRG Carbon Gen. 2.5 Quick Release


Candy Purple Valve Cover
ARC Magic DC5 Titanium Exhaust
ARC Magic Stainless Steel Spark Plug Cover
ARC Magic Radiator Cap
ARC Magic DC5 Radiator
ARC Magic Oil Cap
ARC Magic Oil Cap; Type B
ARC Magic Intake Box
ARC Magic Suction Pipe
J's Racing Oil Cap
Powder coated and shaved OEM Fuel Rail
Odyssey Battery
PJDM Battery Relocater Mount
D.I.Y. Fuse Box Relocation
AEM V2 intake
RBC Intake Manifold
Hondata IM Gasket
Karcepts TB Adapter
K-Tuned Power Steering & A/C Delete Kit
K-Tuned Radiator Hoses
K-Tuned Valve Cover Breather
K-Tuned Air Idle Assist Delete
K-Tuned Fuel Rail
Six Sigma Racing "SSR" Header
Buddyclub Race Header
PJDM Hood Dampers
Polished Innovative 75a Motor Mounts

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My 2015 build has been on the DL, but here are some teaser shots I have of the parts...It should be done in a month or so.


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Does this car have a branded title?

Sub for 2015 progress

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Nice work on the car and the vid,never been a fan of purple,but love the look of the valve cover.
Yeah same here...I guess purple was a little different when I did it, but I'm changing it now. Hopefully it will go better. Thank you though!

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Nice car :)
Wrecking usually always seems to turn out better...
Someone wrecked my old car which is why I has the money to get a RSX :p
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