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Welcome to my First Show-off/Progression Thread!​

Follow me on IG! @JoeyJazmines​

My Dad owned this RSX since 2003 when he bought it Brand New from the dealer. He took real good care of it all the way until I turned 16 and he passed it down to me.
Im 19 now I will continue to take care of her and hopefully with this minimum wage job I have.

Hope you all enjoy.

Pioneer AVH-P2300DVD Installed Post Page 2
Skunk2 Shiftknob Page 2
Ricer Emblem Mod Page 3 * Not Rice anymore.. Got OEM Letters*
DIY Throttle Cable Tuck Page 3
Plasti-Dipped Rims Page 4
Plasti-Dipped Pillars Page 4
Plasti-Dipped Oil Dipstick Page 4
Blackouts Finally Done Page 5
Window Visors Page 5
Redouts Done!
Crashed the Rsx into a curb Page 5
D.I.Y Red Stitches on Stock Boot Page 6
Updated pictures of car Page 6
Rear Wiper delete Page 7
Cat Heat shields Removed Page 7
OBX Raceheader Installed! Page 7
Fogs Installed Page 8
Ps2 Hooked up Page 8
White Plastidip on wheels Page 8
DIY Wrinkle Red Valve cover Page 9
Custom 3 Inch intake, Tints, Repainted spoiler Page 10
Hondata Reflash Page 11
Back from being banned LOL Page 11
Updated with more pictures Page 16

Stock Shift knob
Black ClubRSX Shift knob
Revo Short Shifter
Blox Electric Blue Shift knob 490grams
Pioneer AVH-P2300DVD
Griptape pedals
12in Eclipse titanium subwoofer with 600w alpine amp
LED White Interior Lights
Plasti-dipped Pillars
D.I.Y Blue stitched Shift boot
D.I.Y Cup Holder LEDs
PS2 Slim connected to Headunit
12inch sub and amp
PA System :mam:
Skunk2 Billet Shift Knob
D.I.Y Red Stitched Shifter Boot
Philippines Flag (Does this count?)
Autozone Pedals (Will be changed)
D.I.Y Red Stitched Shifter Boot

17x9 MB Battles
235/45/17 Dunlop SP Sport 01
05-06 Type S Sides
Retro-Solutions 6000k HID Digital Kit
Type-R Wing
Pedo Bear Sticker
Plasti-Dipped Stockies
D.I.Y Blackout Headlights
D.I.Y Redouts
Weathertech Window Visors
License relocation/CRSX Plate
L.E.D Rear License Plate Bulb
D.I.Y Red Calipers
Rear Wiper Delete
Useless decals
Yellow Foglights
20% Rear Tint, 35% Side tints

Hondata Reflash
Comptech Catback Exhaust
Tsudo N1 Style Exhaust
OBX Race Header
AEM Short Ram Intake
Custom 3 Inch Intake by 02Civic629
Fusebox Relocation
D.I.Y Hood Spacers for moar airflow
D.I.Y Throttle Cable Tuck
D.I.Y Fuel Injector Harness Tuck
D.I.Y Wrinkle Red Valve Cover
MTEC Race Springs

Tein SS Coils
Skunk 2 Coils
SPC Camber Bolt Kit
MOOG End Links​

How She sits now 11/9/14.

When I first got it.

Before Pics:Post Number 16

Hopefully More to Come:thumbsup:


Exhaust Clip Before/After OBX RH install
Clip of Custom 3 inch Intake

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do blackouts and clean up those wheels


base crew :aweyea:

edit: ditch the walmart pedals and shift knob

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pinoy base crew checkin in. nice job so far. wish my dad was that cool. that fool won't even let me play with fireworks by myself. i'm 21

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Your parents aren't really filipino if they gave you a car.

No, thats a lie.
It's my parents that aren't really filipino cause they haven't given me anything ):

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Your parents aren't really filipino if they gave you a car.

No, thats a lie.
It's my parents that aren't really filipino cause they haven't given me anything ):
no my parents bought my car, and they're definitely filipino... they just wont let me do shit to it...or go anywhere with it. lol.

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Blackouts, redouts and coilovers ASAP.

(and IMO you should have stayed wingless)

EDIT: Just noticed you had a Tsudo exhaust as well. Ebay FTMFW! :rotfl:

base crew :thumbsup:

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I would save your money and pass on the rear tow hook, since you're on a tight budget. Way to save the wheels! Good luck with your build.

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filipino! represent :D

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nice base
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