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UPDATE! I threw a rod last night driving home from work so I will be fixing the car and putting it back to stock to sell. Just bought a 2013 civic si today that will be ready for pick up on Monday :noes:

I will be staying with the Kseries family.


Here is my build thread, I have had the car for about 3 years now.

Pages 1-3: Turbo install
Pages 3-4: DSM paint job
Page 5: Updated photos and dyno graph

147,000 miles

Current mod list:
Greddy turbo kit with 3" v-band downpipe and custom made stainless log manifold
Invidia Q300
ITR rep lip
05-06 side skirts and deck lid
Mugen 18" GP's
H&R street coilovers
05-06 cloth seats

Picture when I first got it:

Summer of 2011:

Summer of 2012:


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Didn't know you had an rsx man

Only Takes One...
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i always wanted to do a project on a 02-04 rsx in dsm... very nice man. cant wait to see the outcome :]
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