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JRSC belts & pulleys: please discuss it here

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I know a lot of us JRSC guys having or had problems with our belts and pulleys and a lot of time we hijacking other threads because of it, so I thought it was a good idea to start up on a thread just about jrsc belts and pulleys. The thread is not only for current jrsc peeps but also for the newbies as well so they won't get us frustrated asking the same question over and over again.

I'll start off with one question, I read around and found a member who is using a goodyear 070775 belt which is 7 rib and 77.5 inches long. I tried a dayco belt that was 77.5 long and it wasn't even anywhere close to fitting onto the 3.4 pulley. The dayco 78.9 belt fit extremely well for the purpose. What I want to know is that anyone else tried the goodyear 77.5 long on a 3.4 pulley or is it because different makers make belt a little bit different in length.

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tt061880 said:
I think the sc kit back in the days was better made than now. As far as I know, everyone who got the kit since march had threw a belt. Very nice going there norman sipp, u are the JRSC OG lol
I got mine during the CRSX special back in March and my belt is still on. My two questions about the throwing/shredding belts are:

1. How many of you installed the SC yourselves (I absolutely mean no disrespect to you, I admire your desires to work on your cars. I wish I had ANY mechanical inclination when it came to cars)?

2. How many are running the 3.4" (7psi) pulley? (It seems like a lot of you guys with the 3.4" pulley are the ones losing belts. This is what scares me since I just ordered it last week :nervous: )

Anyways, keep on boosting!
Prospective JRSC buyers, remember that guys with problems are going to post negatively more often than people with kits that have given them no problems. I have had absolutely no problems with my belt (going on 3 months now), like many other owners. However, all you guys have scared me enough to have a back-up belt in the back of my car for just in case :nervous: .
Didn't mean negative like this product sucks, but negative posts about problems with the belts. There has been little of that type of negative posting. The guys with the problems always say JR takes care of them, so at least that's a positive :thumbsup: .

By the way alpha, I see in your sig that you have a hi-flow cat, what brand do you have? I would like to honor the intent of the law :rolleyes: here in Texas and have one on, but the Carsound one I had on rattled like mad. I have attempted to contact the company I bought it from twice, but they have yet to call me back. :jigglemad
uchiha said:
CHK did your race header rattled prior welding on the carsound HF cat?

I'm currently running the JRRH with test pipe and have fixed the rattle problem. But i'm going to weld on the carsound HF cat soon and need to know if it'll cause extra rattling.
As far as I could tell, no the header did not rattle before the cat was put on. Right after the cat was put on, it started rattling. One night a few weeks ago when we were having all the rain here, I was driving up from Austin when the rattling started up and I thought something was dreadfully wrong with my car. It scared the shit of me, but I kept driving because I was on the middle of nowhere and the noise finally died down. Then the next night in the rain on the way to work, same noise. Then it started all the time to the point I was embarraced to come to a stop at an intersection (I just kept looking straight ahead not looking at the cars around me because I know I didn't want to see the driver next to me looking like WTF). Anyways, I know this getting long :dontknow: , but I had the cat taking off and no more rattling. The techs that took off the cat said it wasn't the inside honeycomb rattling, but one of the outer edges. Man did it make a racket :firemad: . Now, I'm trying to get a replacement one, but I will still have to pay again for another one to be put in :( .
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uchiha said:
i see. Jotech wanted $250 to weld on a HF cat. that is ridiculously overpriced even though they are a well known shop. I found a muffler place that would do it for $25.
They didn't charge me that much, it was about $100 less than that. But the reason it cost that much was because I did not have the cat just welded in. They customized it with a flange on each end so that I could undo a couple of bolts and put in a test pipe whenever I went to the track. It was really nice though. I know they charge a pretty penny, but they do nice work. If the place where you are going to do it is doing it like that, let me know, because if I ever get a replacement one, I would like to have one on.
I have to say that I'm really happy with mine!
that wdsonny, still pushing forward! :thumbsup:
:confused: Guess who just joined the JRSC Belt Shredders of America?

That's right, :jigglemad .

I think it's completely my fault though. I was cleaning the engine bay of my car with Gunk, getting her ready for a car show. Well, the engine bay looks brand new again :thumbsup: , but it cost me a belt :firemad: . I'm guessing that stuff made the belts/pulleys a little slick and caused the belt to slip and then shred. It happened at the worst time, on the way work tonight :firemad: :firemad: . Now, my car is in a parking lot that is marked "No Night Parking Without Permit." That's right, I don't have a permit so I'm praying to god my car doesn't get towed :nervous: . I left a note on the car saying I would call a tow truck when I got off work at 7:00AM.

But wait, there's more :crying: ! My boss calls me about 30 minutes ago and tells me his wife is in labor, so guess who gets to work late. That's right again, me! Please let me car be there when I get off work. Please, please, pppllllleeeeaaaasssseee.

Quick question for you other shredders. When the belt goes, the car dies? Cause mine did! I thought I read you just lose the SC, power steering and AC :confused: . Like I've previously mentioned, I'm not the most mechanically inclined person, that's the reason I ask if the car is supposed to die. Otherwise, something else is also wrong :nervous:.
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No. no, no. I'm done done having kids, Dr. Dickchop :eek: took care of that a few years ago. I already have three college educations, :D uh children.

My boss is the one who became a new papa. I will pass on the congrats though :thumbsup: .

My son is already looking forward to VTECing, he gets my car in 5 years when he turns 16. He already has 2F2F plans for it :rolleyes: .

P.S. I DON'T want to be capitan of the shredder's team, I'd prefer to retire after this season.
Okay guys, I'm starting to get frustrated :firemad: ! Last week I thru my first belt which I think was my fault from cleaning the engine bay. I had the belt replaced and now less than 60 miles, the new belt has already lost the inner most rib and is now back at the shop :firemad: . These guys are telling me that one or more of the pulleys is out of alignment now. I find it funny that the original belt was on for 9000 miles/ 6 months with NO problems. And now this...

So, after my ranting, I have a question for you guys. Do you think when the original belt shredded last week that it could cause one or more of the pulleys to be mis-aligned? I'm just trying to be an educated consumer and not getting screwed on a repair bill. I don't understand why they didn't notice this last week! I tried calling JR to see if they think this could be a possibility, but the tecnical department was alredy closed.
uchiha said:
by the way CHK how do you check the belt tension? Does Jotech do that for you?
My car is not at JoTech right now and that's probably my first mistake. It broke last week and was towed to closet place, damn AAA fine print. I will be taking it back to JoTech to make sure everything is done right though!

As far as the tension, I just did what alpha or tt suggested, turn wheel all the way over with AC on high and rev the engine up to see if it squeals. Never squealed, so why fix what isn't broke. I'll ask about the new pulleys though.
CivicSouldjaEX said:
So how did everything go?
So far so good. It turned out that my crank shaft pulley had a chip in it. How it got there, :confused: I don't have a clue. But, it's been replaced and the new belt seems to be holding :nervous: . It sucks, because we are having a meet tonight at a 1/4 mile track in San Antonio, but I'm skeered to run since the belt is so new. I'm just not ready to trust again so soon. :rolleyes:
ocorzo said:
Does anybody know the thickness of the washer/spacers that Keith from JR sends to address the alignmenet issues with the power steering pump?

The one's he sent me are .030 (thirty one thousandths) I believe.
The new tensioner bracket is out! Keith shipped one out to the guys who installed my SC because I took it to some hacks who said they could replace a belt when I shredded the first one. :firemad: me off because they put washers where they don't belong and stripped out that allen head bolt, and probably are the one's who chipped my crank shaft pulley. So hopefully all wil go well! Once again, Keith come through! :thumbsup:
jsfwds2k said:
Damn it I talked to him yesterday and I could have asked him about the bracket. I would love to get one. Post some pics when you get it. I will contacting Keith to get mine next week.

That's a can do :thumbsup:
lanman2000 said:
check that the plates are flush and totally together at the bottom of the tensioner. The bottom bolt may have stripped out and the plates may have separated a bit. It only takes a millimeter to cause the belt to start shredding under load.
Look at the belt and see if it up against the side wall of any of the pulleys...
I believe this was one of the causes for my belt problems. As the guys were working on mine, they noticed that the bolt was stripped.

Shaggy, our stories seem amazingly similar :nervous:, timeframe and all.

Hopefully, this new tensioner bracket and everything else Keith sent will fix the problem for good!
i VieTEC said:
Lanman did you get your tensioner today? Where are the pics? I'm suppose to get mine on thursday or friday at the latest.
According to Keith, JR did not get them until yesterday, so the earliest anyone would get them is today. So, hopefully...

Whoever gets it first, post pictures.
Well, just got back from picking up my car with the new tensioner bracket, etc. 20 something miles and so far so good. Not a lot of chances to boost because of rush hour traffic, but...

I took a few pictures, click on the link below "Pictures and mod list..." and go to bottom of Page 2. Sorry for the quality because they were taken with my camera phone, it's all I have available.

Thanks again to Keith for taking care of us! :thumbsup:
Tomorrow I'll have access to a digital camera, so I'll put up some better pictures. I know those pictures suck, but I only have my phone with me.
Okay, new pictures are up that can be enlarged. Same thing, click on "Pictures and mod..." below.

Enjoy :thumbsup:
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