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JRSC belts & pulleys: please discuss it here

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I know a lot of us JRSC guys having or had problems with our belts and pulleys and a lot of time we hijacking other threads because of it, so I thought it was a good idea to start up on a thread just about jrsc belts and pulleys. The thread is not only for current jrsc peeps but also for the newbies as well so they won't get us frustrated asking the same question over and over again.

I'll start off with one question, I read around and found a member who is using a goodyear 070775 belt which is 7 rib and 77.5 inches long. I tried a dayco belt that was 77.5 long and it wasn't even anywhere close to fitting onto the 3.4 pulley. The dayco 78.9 belt fit extremely well for the purpose. What I want to know is that anyone else tried the goodyear 77.5 long on a 3.4 pulley or is it because different makers make belt a little bit different in length.

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I can tell you this that I am def holding off till this is resolved. I mean granted nothing is ever perfect with cars but this is def a big fault in the product. Belts last longer then this. I mean who wants to have there car down....keep spending money on belts.....and not have any sense of reliability.

We have plans to produce a SC for the RSX and 02 CIVIC Si. At this time I have very little information on the kit but it should be released towards the end of the year. Please check back with us or check the website for any other information.

Rob Maraglio
Comptech USA

Maybe I'll wait?????
conradb212 said:
So Comptech has a facility on the East Coast? (Your profile says that's where you are) I have been unable to get any response from the El Dorado Hills folks. Not in my attempts to schedule a dyno run, not in my offer to show them the K-Pro.
Actually I emailed them right off the CA right? They answered me like in 5 minutes. :dontknow:
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