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JRSC belts & pulleys: please discuss it here

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I know a lot of us JRSC guys having or had problems with our belts and pulleys and a lot of time we hijacking other threads because of it, so I thought it was a good idea to start up on a thread just about jrsc belts and pulleys. The thread is not only for current jrsc peeps but also for the newbies as well so they won't get us frustrated asking the same question over and over again.

I'll start off with one question, I read around and found a member who is using a goodyear 070775 belt which is 7 rib and 77.5 inches long. I tried a dayco belt that was 77.5 long and it wasn't even anywhere close to fitting onto the 3.4 pulley. The dayco 78.9 belt fit extremely well for the purpose. What I want to know is that anyone else tried the goodyear 77.5 long on a 3.4 pulley or is it because different makers make belt a little bit different in length.

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Anyone feel it'd be really nice to get an opinion from Jackson Racing itself? I mean, Oscar Jackson himself always dispenses sage advice in Honda Tuning magazine, so he shouldn't be disinclined to lending a hand to the guys who actually use his flagship product and spread the word. Does someone have a contact at JR whom they might entice to stop by here?
I didn't know he sold it. But there must be someone at JRSC who is interested in mingling with potential customers, as Hondata is. Your site here carries a lot of clout and has many people who talk, so peeking in now and then and handing out some advice would be very good for business and reputation.
menfou said:
Who know the size of stock crank pulley? K24 Crank pulley ?
I friend who worked for mercedes say me the maximum rpm for this Eaton is 12000-13000rpm.
TeaxasR posted this in the JRSC FAQ:

"JRSC Blower Ratios

Crank Pulley
K20A=5.115" dia.
K20A2=5.465" dia.
K24=5.980" dia.

Type-R Pulley
K20A/4.0"dia. SC Pulley=1.279/1 ratio=5.5 psi.?
K20A/3.4"dia. SC Pulley=1.504/1 ratio=6 psi.?
K20A/3.2"dia. SC Pulley=1.598/1 ratio=7 psi.
K20A/3.0"dia. SC Pulley=1.705/1 ratio=9 psi.

RSX Pulley
K20A2/4.0"dia. SC Pulley=1.366/1 ratio=5 psi.
K20A2/3.4"dia. SC Pulley=1.607/1 ratio=7 psi.
K20A2/3.2"dia. SC Pulley=1.708/1 ratio=9 psi.
K20A2/3.0"dia. SC Pulley=1.822/1 ratio=11 psi. (belt starts slipping.)

TSX Pulley
K24/4.0"dia. SC Pulley=1.495/1 ratio=6 psi.?
K24/3.4"dia. SC Pulley=1.759/1 ratio=9.5 psi.?
K24/3.2"dia. SC Pulley=1.869/1 ratio belt slip!
K24/3.0"dia. SC Pulley=1.993/1 ratio belt slip!

I've sorta' estimated boost where you see a ? after boost number. Doug(Hondata) says belt starts slipping with 3" pulley and K20A2 crank pulley. (1.822/1 ratio)"
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K20A2 said:
Mine was the blower pulley that wouldn't come off. The pulley and the blower fused together and so I didn't have any choice with mine.
Between that warranty issue (Jackson requiring a lenghty post-mortem on a busted blower before helping the customer), the numerous accounts of shredded belts, and the apparent problems with the pulleys, I am starting to wonder if the RSX version of the JRSC is a mature product.

And it really puzzles me why no one from Jackson participates in the discussions here. This board alone may generate more business for Jackson than any other place. Word of mouth, good and bad, spreads quickly. My email to the Jackson Racing Marketing rep who used to post here went unanswered.
K20A2 said:
That is exactly the problem. If you want to spend money with Jackson they are great. If you want to give them ideas on how to make money, they are great. Ask them to support their product after the fact, they are terrible. No one should be going through belts like this...
That is a pretty damning and sobering statement, especially coming from you.

Chris, I really do think that with the clout we as a large group of JRSC current and prospective owners represent, we ought to approach Jackson/Moss with this concern. As a JRSC dealer and owner of this site, you should be the pointman.

At a minimum, we should have a JR acknowledgement of the belt issue, an idea of what they intend to do about it, an acknowlegement of the product support concerns and how they intend to address them, and a willingness by Jackson to have a rep assigned to stop by here. Those are not unreasonable requests. Your site is a LARGE pool of customers and potential customers.
gamebred26 said:

We have plans to produce a SC for the RSX and 02 CIVIC Si. At this time I have very little information on the kit but it should be released towards the end of the year. Please check back with us or check the website for any other information.

Rob Maraglio
Comptech USA

Maybe I'll wait?????
So Comptech has a facility on the East Coast? (Your profile says that's where you are) I have been unable to get any response from the El Dorado Hills folks. Not in my attempts to schedule a dyno run, not in my offer to show them the K-Pro.
wdsonny said:
Well. I have had the "street" kit since October 2003, Race upgrade since same time. I have had zero problems and zero belt issues. I don't know what could be the issue. If you want, I will contact JR tomorrow and express my concern over the development of their products. My unit has been operating flawlessly so I have zero complaints against them. All I could do is offer my comtempt to them to offer the best customer service they can. I don't want to sound like a zealot, but I believe my opinions offer more than JR advertsizing (sp!). Peace.

Sonny H.
My problem is that I want the kit so bad I can taste it. But while you have not had a problem, far too many others have, and then the horror story about the seized blower that Jackson apparently refuses to replace under warranty. Add to that the puzzling absence of any Jackson Racing presence here on this board that has so many current and prospective JRSC customers and you have to wonder if the current jackson racing has its act together.
lanman2000 said:
I bet you any money if i was to keep messing with my belt tension eventually that scissor thread would get all weak and i'd blow the bolt out just like so many have...
This is entirely possible. However, it would also be a real drag because from what I can tell, many JRSC installations do not perform up to their potential because of slipping belts. Even Sonny's was slipping although it was not noticeable to him in daily driving. So on the one hand you have a system that is prone to slipping belts. On the other hand you should leave the belt tensioner alone so that it doesn't wear or break. A double whammy.
i VieTEC said:
sorry for the typo

you guys with kpro please do me a favor and confirm if your knock threshold reading is working and not dead at 0.00V all the time like mine
I have seen numerous datalogs from numerous cars, and K.Threshold always showed a value. However, you have a base and an unusual setup, hence I'd first check with another base and then call Hondata and see what they have to say.
tt061880 said:
an IS300, I'll get an auto so I won't mod it again lol
Ouch... my colleague had one of those for a year or two, an automatic SportCross. He liked the Lexus feel, but became so bored with its anemic, emasculated performance that he sold it and got a Mini Cooper S. Now he's smiling again and saving pennies to get the John Cooper Works package.
i VieTEC said:
Anyone slap on the JR Supercharged badge that came with the kit on their car?
First, sorry to hear that someone messed with your car. I must say, though, that the JRSC badge looks great on your vehicle!
Bubz said:
Son-U think I should be cool w/ 9PSI on 11:5:1?

People are telling me to lower compression..and some are telling me its ok, as long as my tuner is good. Which he is..Im on the Hondata K Pro.
There is no simple yes/no answer. Fact is you're taking a risk by putting that much stress on a high compression engine. That doesn't mean it's going to blow up right away. Sonny's been pushing his car very hard for tens of thousands of miles and never had a problem (touch wood). With a clean installation, taking good care of your motor, and a good tune, chances are even a 9-12psi installation will be safe for a good, long time. But you ARE putting a lot of extra stress on the engine, and that means that the design life of the affected parts will be shorter. It is all a calculated risk, and how much of it we're willing to take.
wdsonny said:
One more thing. If you think about it for a second. The car is not making boost constantly. In all fairness, I only hit boost about 4 times a day and that is only for about 4000RPM. Getting on the freeway in third gear to redline. That is is for the most part. I have my rare freeway roll with a burnt out Civic, but that is the extent of it. The car does not make boost all the time, so the pressure is not constant.
Same with me. When I look at my logs, I am off-boost about 98% of the time. I am thinking more in general terms: if components are designed for certain stress levels, then subjecting them to higher levels will necessarily result in higher wear, and likely the wear will increase geometrically as you go beyond the design spec. And if you go much beyond design levels, then it is possible that the weakest link breaks. This is all logical stuff, and I think most of us are aware of all this. We're pushing the envelope and take a calculated risk.
My 2004 Type S has been supercharged for 11 years. Over that time, the only problems I've ever had with the car were with the belt and tensioner. And that's WITH expert professional care (Comptech/Driving Ambition). It's my opinion that the belt/tensioner situation can be optimized, but never totally resolved. That's because by asking it to drive a supercharger on top of everything else, we're asking that whole serpentine belt system to do something it simply was never designed for.
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