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JRSC belts & pulleys: please discuss it here

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I know a lot of us JRSC guys having or had problems with our belts and pulleys and a lot of time we hijacking other threads because of it, so I thought it was a good idea to start up on a thread just about jrsc belts and pulleys. The thread is not only for current jrsc peeps but also for the newbies as well so they won't get us frustrated asking the same question over and over again.

I'll start off with one question, I read around and found a member who is using a goodyear 070775 belt which is 7 rib and 77.5 inches long. I tried a dayco belt that was 77.5 long and it wasn't even anywhere close to fitting onto the 3.4 pulley. The dayco 78.9 belt fit extremely well for the purpose. What I want to know is that anyone else tried the goodyear 77.5 long on a 3.4 pulley or is it because different makers make belt a little bit different in length.

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i would love to know why this is happening to you Alpha... i have never had any issues with the belt. You ARE routing it correct right?
alphaSSmale said:
Thats how I route mine.
yeah thats how i have it too. I should be available friday @ lunch. Is your RSX operational at all?? i'd like to see the install.
alphaSSmale said:
I dont think my posts are negitive. I am just sharing my experiences with my kit. I hope that I can get this resolved so that I can share my success with everyone here.

Anyway, I installed a 6 rib belt today and the 7psi pulley and WOW, what a huge difference!!! I love it. I took a test drive for about 30 miles which would be plenty of time for a 7 rib belt to shred on me. By the time I got back I popped the hood and noticed that the belt jumped one grove over on the PS Pulley only. All the other pulleys were fine. The belt itself was still in excellent condition because it was the 6 rib belt but a 7 rib belt would have shredded like that. So what would cause this? I believe I tensioned the belt correctly but it must have been loose enough to jump right? How tight is too tight?

you can see how tight my belt is tomorrow dude.... compare it.
well alpha and I compared installs today and they are pretty close. His belt seemed a little looser and the amount the tensioner was tightened down seemed a little less too. The pulleys are obviously different since he has the newer ones from JR. There were no obvious alignment issues or anything. I'm at a loss as to why he is throwing so many belts... :dontknow: then again i'm no expert... i was looking for obvious differences....

nice to meet you alpha... we have to do a SC meet like you said. Get a bunch of people together... :thumbsup:
i've also had no problems... but part of me wishes I had gone turbo... ... i would have gone Cyber Stage1 or Greddy with the loudest BOV i could have found :) :)

a great deal and a great install of the JRSC kit... no problems with belt alignment or anything...
i'm very undecided on my next ride... if i dont get good money for the RSX i'll keep it... if i can sell for good cash then i will probably get an EVO or a G35.
i VieTEC said:
Another belt is gone!!! I'm so mad right now!!!!

dood... wtf
i VieTEC said:
my scissors are not holding together. The hole for the bolt holding it is completely stripped!!!

my theory on this is as follows:

wdsonny and I and others have not had any problems since the initial install of the scissors and the belt. Most of the people having this problem have probably either not tightened that bolt enough or overtightened it or just simply played with it many more times... OBVIOUSLY the female thread on the bracket is VERY weak and the more you go in there and loosen it, adjust the belt tension, tighten it... over and over... will weaken that thread even more. I only tightened ONE... yes (1) time after initial install and have never had a belt go outor even hear the belt slipping at all so i've never had to touch that bolt since. This is exactly why i am hesitant to do ANYTHING... if it aint broke dont fix it right?

I bet you any money if i was to keep messing with my belt tension eventually that scissor thread would get all weak and i'd blow the bolt out just like so many have... The installer for ECIGirlon19z sounds like he is not the best and what probably happened is just that... he tightened the belt several times to try to get it right... in the meanwhile.. weakening that thread something fierce...

just my 2 cents.... flame away :wavey:
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you're right its not the case for everyone.. it just seems a bunch of people have had the problems in succession..

1) belt issues which required replacing and/or tightening the belt a bunch of times
2) the scissor issue...

anyhoo... i just ordered K-pro 5 minutes ago from you Chris. I cant wait to get it and start tuning!
i order a boost gauge today... i am very interested to see if i have slippage. :)
tt061880 said:
if your car kinda bog on the low end, you got slippage

if you have a boost gauge and when u WOT and your boost goes down, you got slippage

if you do my "a/c queak" routine and u got squeaking belt then u definely got slippage

those are the things that I learned from experiences

OT: oh yeah I've been driving very convservatively and boi I tell ya the gas mileage is great. I tried my best to stay in the 3 - 4k range and not hit the vtec(yes I know it's very very very irresistible so I had to do it but rarely). I'm going to do another trial.

okay so installed the boost gauge and have been monitoring it... at idle it is like around 15-20 vac... then at partial throttle it is 0psi. At 3/4 throttle it is 5psi and at WOT it goes to 7 right away... then eventually hits between 8 and 9 right before i shift.... this is good!!! I have the 7psi pulley and am getting 7+ psi for a good part of the top end... w00t!!!
tt061880 said:
that's a first lol, I think my guage only read over 7psi once in a while, but good to hear tho lnman :)

OT: I just finish another tank of gas, I did a trial on both highway and city driving, I filled the car up and it took 11.3g and I was at 340m on the speedo.

So 340/11.3 = 30.08mpg, that's pretty darn good I think :thumbsup:

wow dude... i am lucky to get 220 out of a tank.. were you boosting at all?
dude thanks again for posting those pics... you rule... i'm gonna hook up the electric tomorrow :)
huh... so the alternator has moved from 2003 to 2004... well that would explain why mine (2002) isnt having the issue. Also, Sonny's is a 2003....

Gee... i'm happy it was that simple. I wonder if they'll change the kit and have one for 2002-03 and another fitment for 2004+. I'm sure they will...

good job guys!
sweet pics!!! i saw that JR car in boost magazine... have it on my desk here... w00t!!!
i'm thinking of getting that OEM kit for the car... its expensive though.

i need a new clutch first!! :)
Texas-R said:
So what in hell did they find wrong, how did JR fix it and did they use any different parts than are in the kit?
Just saying "they fixed it" is useless :lame: info...all of us who live outside of CA may have to deal with this belt shred issue and we could benefit with more meat and less rice. Did they replace everyones' idler pulleys with metal ones? Or what?


alpha has contributed more to this board than 95% of the people on it... his experiences have helped countless JRSC installs go smoother (including mine)... so shut your face and get lost... NOOB :firemad:
Texas-R said:
I did read alpha's post. I wasn't talking about him. I was talking about you, you post-jacker. This is a thread about JRSC belt problems not what kinda bumper Jackson has on their car.
I was looking for specific mods that anyone could try that is having a problem. It's nice that some Jackson customers are close enough to them to get their cars fixed, but what about someone in say Florida? Jackson can't fly down and rent a shop to fix their car, so having specific info would be a great help. And I'm not a NOOB. I wrenched together my first hot car in 1976, my first Integra fourteen years ago and was trained by Gates/Dayco in design, installation and troubleshooting of belt drives in 1980.
Asshat? Maybe you should change your post handle to "LAMEMAN 2000" :flame:
what??? its clear to everyone that you are an idiot... i didnt jack this it again and when you're done get lost. Btw what is a "hot car" and how do you "wrench together" a car? that sounds interesting... and i was referring to your NOOB status on this board...
yeah that.... i dont want to F with the crank pulley at all.. thats why i am looking at pulley boys too...

someone needs to hit 300whp!!!
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