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JRSC belts & pulleys: please discuss it here

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I know a lot of us JRSC guys having or had problems with our belts and pulleys and a lot of time we hijacking other threads because of it, so I thought it was a good idea to start up on a thread just about jrsc belts and pulleys. The thread is not only for current jrsc peeps but also for the newbies as well so they won't get us frustrated asking the same question over and over again.

I'll start off with one question, I read around and found a member who is using a goodyear 070775 belt which is 7 rib and 77.5 inches long. I tried a dayco belt that was 77.5 long and it wasn't even anywhere close to fitting onto the 3.4 pulley. The dayco 78.9 belt fit extremely well for the purpose. What I want to know is that anyone else tried the goodyear 77.5 long on a 3.4 pulley or is it because different makers make belt a little bit different in length.

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okay folks, i've been using the goodyear belt for quite a while now. The belt has a lot of visit to the track and a lot of street races. I just did my datalog earlier and the belt is slipping. The problem now is that I can't tighten it up anymore, the bolt just won't turn anymore lol. I guess now I have to switch to a different belt. . .

EDIT: what I meant is that the belt won't stretch any longer
I'm supposed to run 8psi but lately I've been running in the 6's and a few rare low 7 psi. My belt feels even tighter than before. I'm using JR's belt. Datalog shows no belt sliping, not even .1 of slipping. What's the problem?
That is odd. I hit 9 PSI and always think that my belt is slipping, but when I check the datalog there isn't any and I hit 9.9 PSI. I loosened my belt up a little today and still dont' have any slipping. I thinkI had it on too tight to begin with so I don't know how you guys could have it so tigth that it won't tighten any more. WHat size wrnech are you using? I use the smallest one possible so I can get under the a/c line. Try that if you haven't already.

well I race my car all the time, that might be why the belt doesn't grip anymore lol
hmm guys, after i weld on the hi-flow cat to the race header, i've been hitting 8psi on the 7psi pulley. Is that bad for the engine? I'm currently running on the 7psi reflash. also i noticed after hard runs, my engine would stutter and CEL will come on. seems like a misfiring code to me.
jamie what belt are u using now?
tt061880 said:
jamie what belt are u using now?
I am using the one from Jackson. The 78.6" 7 rib. Why don't you guys post a pic of the wrench you are using to tighten the belt. I know when i used the bigger wrench I couldn't get it tight enough. So I went to a smaller ratchet and I can get it very tight because I can get under the tubing that is right in the way of the tensioner bolt and it helps to get some more torque on the bolt with the little space you have to work with between this tubing and the abs lines. Once again try a smaller ratchet if you haven't already.

tt061880 said:
well I race my car all the time, that might be why the belt doesn't grip anymore lol
By the way, I race and drive hard all the time. I can't keep my foot out of this thing.

I guess the goodyear gatorback's surface couldn't grip anymore, time to switch back to the one from JR lol, thanks for the info
lanman suppose to get it next week I think and chk too
yep i'll get it tuesday or wednesday.. i'm off to Europe on wednesday night though so if you dont see me post for a while.... :)

i'll post a bunch of pics of the new tensioner just as soon as i get it.
You can send them to me for installation (on my car) and i'll post pics for everyone to see LOL

Anyways I guess I'll be bugging Keith again this week for the new tensioner.
hey lanman do you think the exedy stage 1 clutch u have will be sufficient enough for the JRSC?
uchiha said:
hey lanman do you think the exedy stage 1 clutch u have will be sufficient enough for the JRSC?
works for me
i VieTEC said:
You can send them to me for installation (on my car) and i'll post pics for everyone to see LOL
dream on champ! lol
Cant wait to see the new piece. Hopefully they did a better job on this one. Hope you get it on Monday-Tuesday lanman2000. Jackson Racing is in cali and so are you, shouldnt it only take about a day to receive it?
i dunno where its coming from... either way they should overnight it to me....

we'll see...
hey guys,

I'm having major problems now.... :(

After successfully running my car for 3 months (hard), I through my first belt. Well I contacted Kieth and he sent me the new pulleys, spacers and a new belt. The shop that did my install replaced everything, but when I picked up my car i got about 10 miles before the belt shredded completely. I mean not just a couple of ribs but completely off. WTF!!

I don't know how you guys put up with this but to say I'm frustrated is an understatement. It's back at the shop and my mech has no clue as to why this is happening. He insists that the pulleys are aligned and that's not the problem. He came up with a couple of possible reasons as to why this is happening:

1 The belts that JR are suppling are junk :dontknow:


2 for some reason the blades in the blower are siezing up causing the blower pulley to stop spinning. Which then would cause the belt to shred.

What do you guys think?

How could i run the car for 3 months with no problems, then have these kinds of problems now. Do you think it could be a problem with the blower?

any help is greatly appreciated!!!
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The belt is not junk. It must have been something else.
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