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Those two studs come with the new injectors. I had to use them when I put the new injectors on my original intake manifold (I had to drive my car with the JRSC race flash but without the JRSC...). They replace the original fuel rail studs which aren't long enough to support the increased size of the new injectors. I think I just used bolts (which I believe is what the instructions called for) to bolt the fuel rail into the JRSC manifold.

I also got a small, round, black spacer about the size of a nickel left over. I went back through the instructions, but couldn't find where I might have left it out. Note, this isn't the spacer used to move the alternator out, those spacers have a cutout to the center hole. Anyone have an idea what that might be?
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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