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My 2003 RSX Type S
Bought it Stock except for a Injen Cold Air.

Page 1 - Beginning to End of 09
Page 2 - 2010 Storage Mode / New Exhaust
Page 3 - First Photo Shoot of 2010 4/20
Page 3 - Early Fall Photo Shoot 2010 9/20
Page 3 - Local End of the Year Meet 11/7
Page 4 - First Turbo Build update Parts and Initial teardown
Page 4 - Second Turbo Build update - Fuel lines, RBC, Hybrid Racing, Avid, Turbo Mounted
Page 5 - August Photo update the end is near!
Page 6 - Dyno Numbers. Videos and New Pics posted
Page 6 - Rolling Shots
Page 7 - Window Tint
Page 7 - New Headlights

Most Recent Shot

Current Mods

Motor and Trans
Quaife LSD
Stage 3 Competition Clutch
Cryro Treated Gears
Garrett GT3076r Turbo
Peakboost Intercooler and Exhaust Piping
Jet Hot 2000 Coated Manifold, Turbine Housing, Down Pipe, and Dump Tube
8an Feed and 6 an Return
255 Walbro In Tank Pump
Aeromotive FPR
Aeromotive Fuel Filter
Hybrid Racing Fuel Rail
Injector Dynamics 1000cc Injectors
RBC Intake Manifold
Vibrant Flat Black Muffler
Vibrant Ultra Quiet Resonator
Custom 3in Exhaust

A-spec Lip Kit
Seibon Cabon Fiber Type R Spoiler (color matched sides)
Clear Reflector OEM Headlights
Red Outs
Smoke Out Reverse

Clubrsx Black Shift Knob
Leather Shift Boot w/ Red Stitching
Shift Knob Adapter

5Zigen FN01R-C 17x8 +35
Falken Azenis RT-615 235/40
Buddy Club N+

Future Mods

Interior Goodies
Built Short Block to Come

Video of kiddracing header and skunk 2 megapower exhaust

Dyno Video


Coils and Spoiler

New Wheels

Pics w/ Lip Kit


Man ah Badman
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nice ride...simple yet clean

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WI Crew checking in

SSM Crew also checking in

lip kit plans?

CLUBRSX Supporter
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Nice start. :thumbsup:

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very clean. nice offset:thumbsup:

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lip and get some fogs. looks good tho. :thumbsup: like the wheels

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i dont know if your rims flow with your car right now...but it could just be me...good start nonetheless :thumbsup:
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