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Just dyno-tuned...amazed with results

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Finally got my car tuned and i was amazed with much as i dont wanna get too caught up with dyno numbers,but considering how dyno dynamics usually show lower numbers, my car still came out with 231whp and 161tq..
My mods are
Invidia 4-2-1 race header
2.5" catback custom speedfactory exhaust
RBC with hondata IMG
Stock internals and injectors..what do you think..this is 03 types with k20a2
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Having trouble uploading pic..working on it lol..
Damn bro that's pretty high numbers . I have basically the same thing and I only came out with 212WHP and 143 TQ. I wonder how you got such good results ! Cheers !

Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk tuner Rich from richtuned personally said this is his highest dc5 numbers with similar setups and he was impressed with how healthy the motor was...
Now i just need to freaking figure put why flickr isnt letting.e post my pics..smh..
What Engine Management are you using? K-Pro?
Yup..kpro v4...
Just pump gas and fujita intake... I honestly dont think my motor is special or anything lol..i could be benefiting from the fact that i bought the car last year from an old couple (original owners) and it may never have seen ever lol..even at 140k, it still run strong ...
Honestly I think that dyno is reading high, especially because you're running a 2.5 exhaust. Like you said though don't get caught up in numbers, it's all about how the car is running.
I agree...i mostly care about the tune itself...Rich is a good tuner...After each WOT pull, he broke it down with me on power curves and what adjustments he was making...The car runs awesome..theres power everywhere...vtec is set at 4000..i'm planning to go do a couple pulls on dynojet and see the difference...i will update then..
What altitude and weather on the day of the dyno? Altitude can make a pretty big difference from one car to another.
Dont know what altitude is but it was a rainy/cold day for sure lol
in for dynojet results
Will soon as i can..
1 - 8 of 22 Posts
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