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Randeezle said:
We need a better camera all together. No matter what, the pictures arent gonna capture what it looks like in person.(unless I go out and spend a grand on a super-digicam)

Its looking alot bluer(?) than It did when we did the install. I love it! On Friday I did a cheesy drive by at the theatre. It was almost dark, and everyone was crowded by the enterance to go see Daredevil. I roll by with my lights off (they'd been off) and as I almost cross the front, BAM i hit my lights and hella people look at my car.

Ya, I know... I know.... Cheese! But I'd been wanting to do something like that for a while ever since I was in my Hyundai:):):)

BTW: Some stupid broad hit my elantra yesterday! Did I mention it was parked? Score another for the ladies! Thats 3 now...
maybe they thought you were gonna do a driveby shooting.:laughing:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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