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Just ordered the Volt 6000K HID Kit ...

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ill be honest, this was the hardest decision I had to make in awhile. Go with some off brand kit like Xentec that all my buddies recommended or just dish out the cash for the retro solutions kit. Hopefully I made the right decisions which was mainly influenced by the positive customer service reviews I have heard about xenon depot. (Not dissing retro becuase all I heard was positive)

Crossing my fingers!
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I can tell ya, you may have made the wrong choice. One of my buddies had a Xentec kit 2 weeks ago, all it does is flicker. He lit it up with a shotgun because Xentec wouldnt take it back since he opened the box. He picked up a Retro-Solutions kit this past week and has had no issue.
But you may be one of those luck guys who gets a working kit.. Good luck!
I just sent back the Xentec Kit before installing it. I ordered the Volt Kit from Xenox Depot. Crossing my fingers!
I have the Volt 6K and i love them. I've had them for about 6 months now with no issue :thumbsup:
just got it in the mail finally (stupid UPS) but anyways, quality looks 20X better than those Xentecs!
good to hear man. pics of them on?
i ordered the DDM tuning HID kit :shakehead my diverside flicks everytime and my passenger side plug is loose...:thumbsdow worst 60 bucks spent :(
will install tomrrow since i finally get a day off from work! Not a bad way to spend my birthday either! :)
well happy birthday. lol.
random question but: Bulbs are to be removed from the plastic housing they coming in right (HID Bulbs)? Do I have to use the stock rubber cover to protect the bulb from moisture? Tried searching but no luck...
^^^ That thick plastic covering that screws on around the bulb?
yeah that comes off, it's just to protect the bulbs during storage/shipping.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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