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jsfwds2k said:
Whoa, what the hell is wrong with my car? I hit one hundred something KPA when I drove my car with my laptop hooked up. What does this tell me? There is no way I am hitting 14 PSI!!! I need to change the settings to PSI and go take my car out again.
Nothing wrong. It's just that it can get a bit confusing with the units. The tables allow you to have different units for vacuum and boost, so the non-boost columns 1-9 get up to 98 kPA, but the boost columns 11-13 usually show psi and the default is to show psi on top of atmospheric pressure. That's because when we think of 7 pounds of boost, that's on top of atmospheric pressure. Else, that 7 psi would be 21.7 psi.

Anyway, unlike the tables, the Sensors window displays MAP always in the same unit, so it may show 138 kPA when you're under boost. In order to show the familiar way we measure boost, change the unit for MAP in the Sensor Setup to "/psi. It will then show boost the way you're used to.
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