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Hello thank you for reading our ad. We have a few mock up k series heads we used when we when building engines that we no longer have a need for. These heads make great mock ups and serve their purpose well.

The 1st head is stamped RAA-1. This head came off of a k24a3 we believe from either an Accord/Euro CL9. Make an offer you will have to cover shipping costs as well.

The 2nd head is a RAA-7. This head came from a K24A4/USDM K24 Accord. Shoot us an offer. You will have to cover shipping charges once again.

The last head we got is a PRB-1. This head came from a rsx type s or a K20a2. Again shoot us an offer on it and we will get back to you on it. The heads are pictured as listed. If you want more detailed pics and are a serious inquire we can arrange to send more pictures.

All these heads again are for mock up use only. They will not work if you try to use them. Feel free to PM me about them. We also will take any phone calls. 719-282-9887. Ask for Steve/Andrew. Our operating hours are 9-5 mon-fri.


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