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K Tuned inverted spherical tie rods

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Ktuned inverted spherical outer tie rods and KTuned inner tie rod set. These were mounted, driven on immediately removed.
sold as a set
Paid $360 shipped
Asking $260 shipped



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Still available? i know its an old thread but its worth a shot

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I would like to purchase them, 230$ through Paypal or whatever method you feel comfortable with?
I have not purchased through this site before. So let me know what I need to do
Don't mean to take away from a potential sale here, but Matt, didn't you note on another thread that you had ordered the Hard Race inverted tie rod ends? If so, you don't need these. The Hard Race ends fitted to your stock tie rods will accomplish the same thing that these K-Tuned tie rods will, and they're far easier to install.
Yes I did, I thank you for helping me out. I assumed that the whole Tie Rod install would be more beneficial than just the ends but yes I’m just looking for the end result, and if there is an easier route I sure as hell should take it and save the money

sorry OP I thought this was something I needed

and again thank you
1 - 3 of 11 Posts