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Hi Guys,
I plan to replace the power steering feedline on my 2003 JDM DC5 Type R due to worn out/aging. I see in the market, they are selling the K-tuned power steering feed line as an aftermarket product.
Seeking your help to advise:
1. Do i need to custom make up the K-tuned end of the line to the existing OEM feedline pressure switch line?
2. Or do i delete the pressure switch line? If yes:
i. Will it interfere with the ECU system?
ii. Do i need to do mapping of some sort?
iii. Will cause any complication if i delete the pressure switch line - e.g engine stall/false warning/etc...?
3. Anyone can share their experience / a picture of their setup?
4. Does the K-tuned power steering line creates noise/loud with this setup?

The picture is what i get from the web.


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