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ok. i'm going to buy cams really soon. i dont think i can hold off for edo's cams, plus i'll have to buy hondata programmable if i went that route. its just something i dont wanna fool with, so my only other 2 options at the time are either type-r or toda cams. now, if i get the type-r cams and flash, i'll have enough to also afford an lsd, but if i get the toda kit i wont be able to conjur up enough for lsd at this time (nor any time in the near future). i tried breaking it down into stats to help me make my decision, but i still dont know. what would you choose and why?? (fyi if it helps, i take my car to the track about once every month or two, i dont do auto-x, i dont have coilovers)

type-r cams new: 500 shipped
k20a flash: 600 shipped
quaife lsd: 930 shipped
total: 2030 hp/dollar ratio: .00739
approx hp increase over what i have now: ~15

toda kit shipped: 2350 shipped
total: 2350 hp/dollar ratio: .0106
approx hp increase over what i have now: ~25

so..... all in all i have a better hp/dollar ratio with the toda kit. i will be buying a set of slicks within the next month or two as well. so... i dunno. i'm just about to spaz out over the decision. i just dont know what to do. help!

if you need specs on the n2 kit, look here-->

info on type-r cams, look here-->

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which lsd... cybernation will sell u that phantom grip conversion 4 cheep... even do a core swop.. im a huge fan of the toda n2 kit.. im saving for it myself... a turbo is just outa my reach.. and i think 235 whp and 158ftlbs would be dam skippy... a gt mustang has 218 whp... tell dat...

toda man... toda

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I think it is worth the money to buy a type R LSD over that phantom grip at ~235hp. Once you figure install I think they pretty much equal out in price with Type R getting OEM quality that won't cause the damage the phantom can if installed wrong.
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