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Hey. Im basically new to k series.
I bought a rsx base (k20a3) with a knocking (ticking) sound almost as loud noise as the one on the video link below
It does not feels like it looses power. Is just noisy. The person the I bought it from used the car loke this for over a month and never stopped working.

I didn't have time to mess with it so I replaced it with another k20a3 and made the car manual and all that within a week. So far is working great.

Im a project guy and I like new stuff to do and I don't pay for stuff that I have the tools to get them done. So fixing this engine, that is not expensive at all (so it dont matter if I fck it up), will get me some experience in k20s for when I decide to go bigger with a k20a2 or 24.

Just to be clear, I'm not trying to upgrade a k20a3. Im just trying fix it and refresh the engine just because a have nothing to do in my free time lol. And have a spare engine.

My questions is not if is worth it or not. Is just the opinion of experienced people with k20 on what could I probably find wrong ( a bad rod, cam, timing chain, bad valve ect) and what to check first. I checked the valves adjustments... it did help but not enough to stop the noise and I immediately swap the engine and throw away the auto transmission.

( i needed it a car to go to work). If you have an idea of what could it be, please let me know. I'll take all the opinions with respect. Thanks.
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