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Click... YouTube New Vids Added - K20Tuned

1995' Integra K24 [email protected]
Built Element K24 / K20 TypeS Head
Precision T4/T67 Turbo
Tial 44mm WG and 50mm BOV
BMPC Intercooler
Greddy EVO II Exhaust


JDM DC2 ITR HID Front Converison
JDM DC2 ITR Rear Spoiler
JDM DC2 ITR Power Fold Mirrors
JDM DC2 ITR 5 Lug Conversion
Seibon Carbon Fiber Lip

Skunk2 Pro Series
ASR Brace
Blox Rear LCA
Blox Rear 21mm Sway Bar
Benen Front Tower Brace

Buddy Club P1 16" / Falken Azenis RT615 215/45/16


Buddy Club P1 Limited Seats
JDM DC2 ITR Rear Seat
JDM DC2 ITRDoor Panels
JDM DC2 ITR Arm Rest
JDM DC2 ITR Climate Control
JDM DC2 ITR Clock Block Plate
JDM DC2 ITR Radio Block Plate
JDM DC2 ITR Airbag Removal Tray
JDM DC2 ITR Gauge Cluster
NRG Quick Release / NRG Hub
Momo Swade Steering Wheel
Skunk2 Shift Knob

Updated: 1/7/10

New Build in process... Kraftwerks Powered

K24A4 block went out to BluePrint Racing for 89mm sleeve installation.

Before - oem 87mm

Brief overview of game plan
BluePrint Racing 89mm M1 Sleeves
BluePrint Racing 101.6mm Stroker Kit
Wiseco Pistons 89mm 11.5:1
Wiseco Heavy Duty Pins S734
Ferrea Intake & Exhaust Valves
Ferrea Dual Valvespring and Titanium Retainers
Brian Crower Stage 2 Camshafts
ASP 4-1 Stainless Steel Header
DMH 3" Exhaust Cutoff
K20A2 4.38FD Transmission / Wavetrac DC5 LSD
Kraftwerks K-Series Race Rotrex C38-81

Ported PRB cylinder head

Kraftwerks K-Series Race Rotrex C38-81 Kit has arrived
More photos soon...

BluePrint Racing 101.6mm Solid Forged 4340 Crankshaft
Pistons are on order and block is being sleeved at this time, more details soon...

K24 OEM Crankshaft

i aint even mad!
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ok not trying to hate or nothing but i swear i've seen this car posted on here before with another screen name.
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