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Hey everyone, i know for a fact i’m going to hear tons of people say to just search and i’ll find the miracle post of every detail of this swap already done, but everything i’ve found has been either just the motor or just the trans and seems like an incomplete post.

If anyone knows any links to good diy threads about this or just general walkthroughs that’d be great, anyway here’s mainly what i’m looking for

I found a crazy deal on a K20Z3 and matching 6speed lsd trans for a grand, including the full wiring harness, accessories (alternator, power steering pump, etc), and ecu. My car is an ‘02 Base 5 speed.

I’m mainly wondering if my base axles will work with this trans or if i’ll need civic si axles or custom length axles. I’m also wondering if it would make more sense to adapt my current harness and ECU to the Z3 or if it would make more sense to use the SI harness and ECU, as I have both to choose from.

I’m also wondering if all the mounts line up, if the oil pan is the same or if i should grab a different one to ensure it will clearance everything, i just want to know the main things to look out for in this swap. I’ve done fairly large projects in the past but never a full swap so the more help I can get the better.

It’s also worth noting that the motor supposedly has 130k on it and so does the trans, so while the motor is out i’m planning on doing all the gaskets I can (head, valve cover, vtec solenoid, oil pan, etc) but i’m not sure if it would be wise to get into the trans too for any servicing that might be advised.

This was a lengthy post but I wanted to include all the details i felt were relevant and if i missed anything please don’t hesitate to ask. Again i’m sure there are forum posts about this but i struggled finding anything comprehensive enough to where i felt i knew all i needed to before diving into this.

thank you all for your continued support and any advice or links to relevant forum posts would be much appreciated!
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