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-2004 RSX Type-S 86,000 on body. 460HP on 18psi on 93 octane
ENGINE. Never raced. Rust free. PRICE $14,300

2004 Acura Rsx type-s that been extremely well taken care of always garaged, and adult owned. Everything on car has been completely redone. The only thing that has not been replaced are alternator and radiator.
Car has original 87,050 miles on it. The new K24 engine and turbo only has about 50 miles on it. The exterior and interior are in mint condition. This is my baby, and I have over 50 grand invested in this vehicle and I’m sad to see it go. I’m selling because I have too many toys and have a family now.
Everything on car works as it should nothing damaged or broken. All fluids have been flushed within the last month. It has new wheels and tires that only have about 50 miles on them. The car is running a KPRO engine management system tuned by Clint Baird at Dinosaur Performance in Fort Worth. Stan Sumirat (owner) at Fast Turbo in Haslet built my engine and re-built my transmission.
The tranny is an ep3 close gear ratio tranny that was done within the last 100 miles. The car is tuned for 18psi running at 460hp. Yes, I have dyno sheet. I have done lots of research, spent lots of time and money for every part I have put on the car.
I have put only the best equipment on. Nothing needs to be fixed on car. A/C was just recharged last month as well as inspection and alignment. I have all receipts for car! Car has never been wrecked. I have been the 2nd owner since 2006.
I have a clear title as well. Car is ready for the next owner nothing needs maintenance or fixing! I just waxed car and detailed interior. The water/air intercooler works fantastic and enables for extremely quick turbo spool and lower intake temps than air/air intercooler.
Car was tuned on a conservative tune and is very reliable to drive. Interior and exterior are extremely clean. No stains on carpets. I had a methanol injection kit installed it is currently removed but comes with the car. The kit is fairly new and works great. Boost can be turned up with the click of a button in KPRO for more power.
No test drives unless cash in hand!

Below is a list of all the parts put on not to mention the time, labor, sweat, and tears I have put in.
K24 CRV block $900
Type-S head
ABS sleeves $1100
New Wiseco pistons 9:1 compression $600
Hood shock damper kit $35
Type-S oil pump
New Honda head gasket $80
Turbo/downpipe, turbo manifold heat coated $225
Dual custom dump tubes $100
New throttle position sensor $80
New water pump $160
AEM boost solenoid $135
Godspeed Intercooler $325
Steel braided brake lines $180
Frozen boost water-air intercooler with radiator and high performance cobra pump. $850
New OEM valves $150
Autometer gauges $225
Greddy cat-back exhaust 70mm $550
New emergency fire extinguisher $40
Custom oil cap cover $25
Custom Heat Shield $60
Hondata 4-bar map sensor $115
Full fuel return setup $200
Valve cover POWDER COATED candy apple red $150
KPRO engine management system $1100
Cooling mist methanol injection system $650
Aeromotive fuel regulator $200
New NGK spark plugs $15
Tial (2) dual wastegates $720
Custom intercooler piping $450
Aeromotive fuel filter $116
Walboro fuel pump $105
Full Race Twin Scroll Manifold $1200
Turbo setup parts $3000
AEM wide band gauge kit $220
HKS sequential blow off valve $300
New Precision 6262SP turbo, full race twin scroll manifold with ceramic coating, upgraded fuel hoses, fuel pressure regulator $1800
New a/c condenser, compressor, & dryer $275
EP3 a/c line $100
Head rebuilt by Stan Sumitra at Fast Turbo- new pistons rings, abs sleeves, and bearings.
Eagle h-beam rods $550
Radiator fan shroud $220
ARP head studs $180
Hondata thermal gasket (reduces heat transfer) $50
Like new ceramic brake pads only have 2,000 miles on $75
Limo tint all the way around $250
4 bar map sensor $60
Custom built battery box tray and relocated to front bumper with remote terminals setup for jumping $150
RBC intake manifold already (ported) for meth kit /w adapter $220
Remote multiple port vacuum block $35
New ‘3 inch’ 75mm stainless steel cat-back exhaust $500
Catylytic converter removed and Vibrant stainless resonator installed $90
7 high grade V-band clamps $240
Walboro fuel pump $180
Injector Dyamics 1000cc injectors $500
Custom aluminum fuel rail $80
New Innovative 85a motor mounts (love these things) $500
Battery moved to bumper-- custom made battery box $65
(4) Hid lamps installed (SUPER BRIGHT) $225
Just charged a/c, new condenser, dryer, & compressor $120
No a/c leaks!!! 

Wheels Full Royal Sports Wheels
Bridgestone Front 255/55/17 G-Force sport comp II $1900
Bridgestone Rear 245/55/17 G-Force sport comp II
New left and right wheel bearing hub $450
Just did alignment last 3 weeks ago $100
Steel braided brake lines-- just flushed $130
Hotchkiss front & rear sway bar & end link $350
Steel braided fuel hose lines done by Stan Sumirat @ Fast Turbo $250

EP3 Transmission rebuilt $800
Modified buddy club short throw shifter $120
Quaife LSD installed by Fast Turbo $1100
New act (advanced clutch) ar1-hdg6 acura/honda spring center button style $450
New Synchros $200

Kenwood Exceleon Stereo CD, Bluetooth compatible, Ipod, USB ready
(2) Kicker mid range component speakers front 6.5 $250
(2) Kicker mid range component speakers rear 5.5 $200
(2) Inifiniti Cappa Tweeters in doors $85
Boss Farad Capacitor $50
Kenwood amp mono channel 1000w $250
Kenwood amp 4 channel 600W $300
10 inch custom box -closed $100
(2) Dynamat insulating kit $70
Kenwood stereo harness adapter $35
16 Gauge Dual Rockford Fosgate Amp wiring kit $120

Shurflo 45psi pump $135
All weather trunk rubber mat $85
Carbon fiber dash kit $120
NEW 2005-2006 Acura RSX CCFL Halo Projector Headlights Black w/ new Acura headlight brackets front and rear BOX UNOPENED $300
2005-2006 headlight brackets $80
Upgraded Acura rubber floor mats had for 3 months look brand new still $120
RSX Service Manual $50
Water/air intercooler installed it works amazing (runs off of electric pump and large heat exchanger) ---I have the old air /air setup that will come with car if you want to swap out for your pleasure ($1000 value for both)
I also have $1200 in awesome custom parts uninstalled. $1200
I still have the original air to air intercooler setup. Intercooler is brand new
I also have a brand new oil cooler I haven’t installed yet $125
Wheel locks- I have a total of 3 keys in case you lose one $75

Things do be fixed:
I bought a new transmitter for stock car alarm it just needs to be programmed by Acura I believe they do it for free I haven’t had time to get it done. (This is the transmitter that fits on the keys)
SRS light for air bags intermittently turns off and on sometime. I’m not sure what is wrong with it.
The taillights are 2005-2006 and I didn’t finish the conversion yet. I have everything but the bumpers to do a 2005-2006 headlight/taillight conversion. New awesome black halo projector headlights still wrapped in unopen box. $300. I have all 4 New Acura brackets as well $100 HERE FOR FULL PICTURES OF ENTIRE CAR
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