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so after a gloomy 4 months of not having my baby i finally have her back and love my frank build. she is pushing 298whp on e85. i have put only about 4k miles on everything.

I am starting to save back money to go boost, but i dont know a whole lot about boost and whats safe and whats not. I know i need compression around 10.5:1 but thats really all i know right now. currently doing digging on good builds. i haven't found much of anything about turbo franks though.

My setup:

Wiseco pistons
Manley Rods
Type-S oil Pump
Hondata Kpro
RBC manifold
supertech valves
ARP Headstuds
K20a2 Head (had head work at machine shop)
k24a2 block (Bore/hone) 12.5:1
Custom header to fit Frank
3" exhaust Skunk2
a few other things im missing...

My main goal is to have a safe daily running about 8-12psi pushing 450+whp.

My question is, should i keep the frank build and get another bottom block or what steps do i need to take to reach this goal based on what i have.
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