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2003 RSX Base K24A2 5Spd
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Good Morning All,

It's been about 4000 miles since we swapped a k24a2 into my 250000 mile Base 5 spd and she's been doing great! My only complaint about the 5 spd is 3rd gear is way too long. I have a Type S tranny that I picked up locally, so I gave it to my buddy to swap in an 8th gen Si LSD. The base typically gets a lot of hate, especially on the Facebook groups. Most of the hate I see in the groups is from stock or lightly modded Type S owners. I guess my question is, is the type S really worth the extra money if you're already mechanically inclined.

2003 Base 5Spd
K24a2 Swap
Acuity Short Shifter
2.5" Catback Vibrant Muffler/ Resonator
DC Sports Short Ram
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