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Hey Guys just thought i would share my build with you!

I got my hands on a Trainwreck TSX Motor with only 7k original miles on it. ive had it for about 7years now. it was a backup motor for my race car but i have since parted ways with my race car. I picked up a EK hatch i was going to put the swap into but i had someone offer me a full interior 04 Type S Shell for my shell. so i jumped on it.

now to the build.

rbc 70mm tb
VMI 650cc injectors
3" SRI
3" Mandrel Bent Exhaust w/ Vibrant Muffler
1320 Performance Header
Hondata KPRO
Crower Springs and Ti-Retainers
50* VTC Gear
Stock Valves
K20a2 Oil Pump

Im thinking on e85 it should make somewhere around 250-260whp :weeeeeeeeee:
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