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K24a2 Swapped RSX

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I have a k24a2 swapped base model rsx. It still has the 5 speed transmission in it. Today while I was driving, I did a 2nd gear pull, upon shifting into 3rd gear, the throw suddenly became very long. The car has always had a notchy gear box but now, 1st, 3rd, and 5th gear all have a long throw. The gears don’t grind, it shifts into the right gears just like it should and nothing feels different other than the throw of the mentioned gears. What should I be looking at?
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Hey Yaggs, so i did exactly what you said and there it was, the shifter cable was completely blown apart. Upon further inspection, once of the lines had actually snapped completely.

So, we replaced the lines, got everything where it needed to be and my 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th gear all work better than the day i got it.

Now there’s 4th gear that still won’t go in. When trying to shift into 4th, you can tell it’s there but it just won’t go in all the way. I can feel the notch for 4th but when i release the clutch in the notch it just spits it back into neutral.

I ordered some Royal Purple Syncrotech so i can do a trans fluid change today so hopefully after freshening everything up, 4th gear might just work.

I will update this thread once the process is complete.

Thanks again Yaggs!

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Hello anyone interested. So about my previous dilemma; it’s not fixed BUT all of the other gears feel brand new, it was noticeably different when i put the Royal Purple in and took the old stuff out.

So here’s what i discovered, 4th gear only pops out under acceleration, so i can put the gear where it needs to be with the stick, release the clutch and i can just let it sit in 4th but the moment i give it gas, it pops back out into neutral.

Some people were saying synchros & others still say shifter cables (already replaced cables) so i really just want to know what the first thing i should try checking is. before i spend a ton more on a new tranny.


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