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There will be a meet on Aug 23rd (sat before laborday weekend) at Shawnee Misson Park

What: Friendly Honda meet
Who: All EPs, DC5s, FGs, FAs
When: Aug. 23rd>>>>time still TBA
Were: Shawnee Misson Park

Basicly were going to do the typical meet thing. Than roll out somewere to take pics and grab a bite to eat, possibly at the Legends?? Hooters or something. They have a cool parking garage there that we could take some pics at. I will post a map of SMP and get directions of were we are going to meet and post it up as soon as i find one online.

As far as time of day goes im thinking either 10amish or 6pmish. i think that the later time would be better for the temp. but any input would be great!!

forums that this will be on:

i guess ill start the roll call.

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