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hey guys, in this thread I will be updating you all with videos that I post up. So come back and check it once in a while. I will be posting up maybe a few times a week of my car on the track (road course), on the drag strip and auto cross events. Please check them out, I'll try to update this regulatory and if you want to see my other videos, go to my youtube channel and subscribe to be notified of them. Also can I get a like if you watch my videos, thanks!

New video up

turbo rsx racing!

evo spins out!

how's this for an amateur track civic....

passing mustangs and corvettes.

Clubrsx member Kevybro racing:

MN Crew hanging out at a Nissan meet!

car wash time!!

A little vtec fun with my son.

all motor rsx vs me. I'm not good at drag racing LOL.

another video, this time I'm driving. I still see a lot of mistakes I'm doing but I am learning.

Instructor driving my Civic on the track.

evo x vs sti

ek hatch vs Civic si

Turbo rsx vs civic si

My top 4 off track moments at BIR Proving Grounds:

Timed laps:

Practice laps:

Me installing a oem Taffeta white painted carbon fiber hood:

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