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Kpro RSX 2004 type s

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Looking to get kpro for my car and wanted to know who yall went through to get yours done. I know theres the trusted retailers list but a few of the sites say it could take till may to get my ecu back.
Do I lose my ecu until may? Or is it a certain day you send it in like on a waitlist kind of deal.
Id like to know your thoughts. I skimmed through these forums and people talk about the process afterwards but I want to know how to actually get it ordered.
Any replies can be helpful, thank you :)
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What you do is save your stock ECU; buy someones who has KPro already installed so when the day comes you go "back to stock" you still have your ECU/Key/Immobilizer paired together.

On that note, I have an ECU and a Kpro'd ECU for sale, just sayin.
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how much man lmao
Sold the kpro; ecu with Immobilizer/key will be 400 + shipping/paypal fees
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