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Kpro RSX 2004 type s

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Looking to get kpro for my car and wanted to know who yall went through to get yours done. I know theres the trusted retailers list but a few of the sites say it could take till may to get my ecu back.
Do I lose my ecu until may? Or is it a certain day you send it in like on a waitlist kind of deal.
Id like to know your thoughts. I skimmed through these forums and people talk about the process afterwards but I want to know how to actually get it ordered.
Any replies can be helpful, thank you :)
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On that note, I have an ECU and a Kpro'd ECU for sale, just sayin.
馃えI'm just say'n how much?
I have used and new kpro ecus for sale. I messaged you
Messaged who? I have an 03 ECU What were not getting here is what version and how much. 400$ just came out. Are you high? The cars been totaled twice! Your not selling anything that's gold. Ragety ass seats faded and torn. Everything's firm and "you don't care if you sell them or not". Good make some barstools out of those rims. Something about you just rubs me the wrong way.
SMH. Not you... and no idea what you are talking about. LOL
I let this slide a couple day's. He's selling an ECU why would you try to sell him one? You obviously don't know what anybody's talking about, dork.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts