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can haz?
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Alright guys, i've finally got some decent progress on the gurl so i'm here to show it off :giggity:

Started out day one earlier last year (2010) rolled off the lot with 40XXX miles. ridic :p

Anyways lets giiiit it started!
There will be plenty of updates coming in the following months, but here is the foundation for the :schwing:


Then came a few mods...
Fujita CAI
6000k HID's (no pics with these... yet :shady: )
TEIN SuperStreet w/Pillowballz

Side note: these next pics aren't that great, it was cold + I don't have a ballin' camera... :thumbsup:

ok those are the REALLy bad ones... here are some that are a bit better, car is dirty though... this is the week before the new rims :noes:

Give the roomiez DC4 some love :love:


can haz?
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Tasty interior shotz :laughing:

Yea not really...

but here is the bay:

Now... enjoy :beerchug:
02-04 Aspecs, set it off

i'll fix this dot sometime.

So there she is... you can consider this a teaser if you'd like.

Here are the plans:

Type-ahR lip kit
Mugen Front strut bar
Progress rear sway bar
Beaks tie bar... maybe gold/silver
Skunk2/function7 LCA
20mm/15mm Spacers... haven't decided; gimme input
maybe a camber kit.. if i feel generous
Yellow fogs, cuz i'm so jdm :drink:
3k High beams for that yellow tint... reference above :laughing:
Apexi NOIR system
Some header setup, undecided
RBC, probably
Alpine Double-din unit
Possibly modifying the stock sub enclosure to fit a bigger sub? only time will tell
I would like to retrofit TSX projectors in the headlights... another one that time will tell
Wide body would be cool...
Type-R brake kit/maybe brembo?! But dammmn dass summ MUNNNNIE

Other than that, i'm keepin it simple stupid.
I'm goin for clean, not really anything else.
I'm not going to black out my headlights, don't bother suggesting it :wavey: i've debated about that since day one, decided against it. I'm not doing mugen lips even though I really like them, I think one day i'll find them ricey... possible rims in the future could be some BBS or Enkei's RPF1s... or something bronze... not sure.
Anyways, i'll keep posting up the progress... let me know what you guys think so far, i guess you can hate if you wannnnt cuzzzz :idgaf:

Thanks for looking

can haz?
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cool :coffee:
needs blackout asap!

ps. hope i didnt ruin your 'reserves' spot
i'm so mad bro. No you didn't haha, idk man i've always thought that SSM look better with the stock headlights :noes:

im so :jelly: cause i want those rims
I :jelly: cuz u :jelly:
thanks though, got em off here a while back for a pretty good deal... not bad shape either :D just got 225/45/R17 continental extreme contact DWS on them, great rated tire, pretty affordable for a college student... :thumbsup:

thanks guys

Only Takes One...
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tired of seeing stock rsx -_-

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Nice. I remember when you first joined us sova crew.. blackout :p

I have emotions for sale If your interested .

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Love or k.i.s.s. mentality. Great looking car. Love the wheels
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