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Hey, name's Rashad. I bought my car from a guy out in Texas around August 2010. I've been lurking around the forums since about that time but I didn't join until a good while later. I wanted an RSX-s since I was about 17 years old (I'm 23 right now) and I finally got one. It is my own, meaning mommy and daddy didn't help me buy it and I paid cash for it so no car payments. I always keep full coverage though so the insurance kills me.

The car was built and turbo'd, but before selling it the owner took the entire tubo kit off of the car (although I would have gladly paid an extra couple grand for the turbo kit :dontknow: oh well)

Since I've had it I've done a lot of things to the car. Most of it has been for performance but there was one cosmetic change... the front bumper. I maintain it well and it is DAILY DRIVEN

EDIT: Please read before posting. I understand that my car has some "rice" on there but I have plans to remove all of it. I'm aware and I'm gonna change it as soon as I get the money... just give me a little time. If you don't read anything else, read my "plans" section and see where I want to go with the build. Tell me what you think of the ideas I have for it. If you think my PLANS suck, then please tell me and feel free to talk as much trash about how stupid something is or what I should reconsider. Thanks.


2003 Acura RSX Type-S

Hondata Intake Manifold Gasket
RBC Intake Manifold w/ Karcepts TB adapter (OEM TB)
Hybrid Racing Fuel Rail - Black
Hybrid Racing Fuel Pressure Gauge
RDX 410cc Injectors
Hondata 4 Bar Map Sensor
Megan Racing RH (with cat-converter welded in)
Megan Racing Exhaust
Neo Chrome SRI
Hybrid Racing Radiator Hoses - Ninja Green
Innovative Motor Mounts
Blox Magnetic Oil Drain Plug
Mobil1 Synthetic

ka6mt 6 speed Manual Transmission
Carbon Syncros
Competition Clutch Ultra-Lightweight Flywheel
Competition Clutch Stage 2 Clutch
01-05 Honda Civic Clutch Master Cylinder (apparently it's better than the RSX CMC :dontknow:)
K-Tuned Stainless Clutch Line Kit
Hybrid Racing Shifter Cables
Blox Magnetic Transmission Fluid Drain Plug
Honda MTF

Lamborghini Orange (Arancio Atlas) FULL paint-job
20% Window Tint
JDM Front & Rear Emblems
OEM Front w/ OEM aspec lip
CRSX Amber Fog Lights
Authentic JDM Headlights w/ 6000k HID kit
Ings Side Skirts
Buddy Club Rear Bumper
Spoon Power Mirrors
Wings West Type-R Wing
NRG Quick Release Steering Wheel w/ Personal Steering Wheel
Honda EP3 Red Hazard Switch
CRSX Shift Boot w/ CRSX Shift Boot Adapter
Blox Neo Chrome Shift Knob
JDM Type-R Emergency Brake
StopTech Slotted & Drilled Rotors and Pads
16" Stockies

KONI Lowering Springs
Progress Rear 24mm Sway Bar
Progress Rear Tie Bar
Beaks Rear Tie Bar
Skunk2 Rear Lower Control Arms
Skunk2 Rear Camber Kit
DC Sports Titanium Strut Tower Bar



RBC Intake Manifold bored to 70mm
Injector Dynamics 750cc Injectors
Hybrid Racing 70mm Throttle Body
Hybrid Racing TPS
Injen Cold Air Intake w/ Hydroshield
Buddy Club Race Header
Buddy Club Spec-III Exhaust

K-Tuned Billet Shifter

Amber Sidemarkers
OEM Rear w/ OEM aspec lip
I plan to keep my "ugly/rice/hideous" side skirts. It'd take a petition to change my mind.
OEM aspec wing
Wheels (suggestions?)

Progress Competition Coilovers (open to alternate suggestions)
Honda EM2 Front Sway Bar
Ingalls Front Endlinks
SPC Front Camber Kit
Cusco Front and Rear Strut Tower Bars



When I bought the car, it had the RoJa Polyurethane front bumper on it (I do not have any pictures of the car with this front on it). Some idiot hit me and messed that one up. The bumper was discontinued and I could not find it anywhere. I had to find something quick because at the time of the accident I was in the process of moving out of state. Therefore, I had to make a decision quick and put something on at the last minute. I didn't have many options and this was the decision (the two small pictures below) :eek:

Here's what it looks like now​


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Whats ur plans for it??
As far as body kit, I'm going back to stock (everything except the sides, I don't care what anyone says, I like my sides). But I actually just put that front on there. It had some ugly carbon fiber thing on there and I had the OEM w/ aspec put on 2 weeks ago.

As far as performance I plan on boosting it again. I'm undecided on Turbo or SC

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looks clean but not liking the sideskirts and rear bumper
Thanks for your comment, I get a lot of crap for the rear (I'm changing it to OEM w/ aspec also... just gotta get some more money). But if you think that's bad you shoulda seen the front I had on there 2 weeks ago :rotfl: About the sides, I don't get as much crap for them as I did for that front I used to have, but like I said, I like them and I will be keeping them.

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whats going on w/ the hood gap?

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whats going on w/ the hood gap?
lol I actually felt bad for myself. I paid a lot of money 2 weeks ago to have this brand new bumper painted and put on the car. Then I looked at it and thought, "Damn after all the money I spent I wanted it to look perfect when looking at it from the front."

I think I'm just gonna get an OEM hood and have it painted to look exactly like what I have now. Meaning carbon fiber design in the center and then orange on the sides. I know that's gonna be expensive as fuck cuz it'll be custom paint but that's how it goes I guess. So for now... I'm reppin' Hood Gap Crew (member number 1)

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I'm loving the kit and the orange. Are you thinking about going 05-06 style? :p
Absolutely not. 2 reasons... 1) I just paid a stupid amount of money barely 2 weeks ago to buy this bumper and have it painted. 2) I actually like the 02-04 lights more than the 05-06 lights. I know that most ppl like the 05-06, but I guess I'm just one of those weirdos who don't :dontknow:

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no offence but you need to drop this halloween theme you got going. Personally I would save my money for a paint job and new rear bumper.
Thanks for the suggestion. Yes to the rear bumper (just gotta get some more money). No to the new paint job... I like the orange. But I appreciate your opinion.
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