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For you guys who still have an itching for one last autocross. Susquehanna Region is hosting our last autocross at the Giant's Center Hershey Park lot.

One of the largest lots in the northeast. Susquehanna's 9th Summer Series autocross will be on October 23rd (Sunday).

Pre-registration will be open til October 21st - click this link: Pre-registration will also save you $5 at the event. But what I like to ask is if you cannot make PLEASE un-register yourself from the event to open up a spot for another competitor.

See the list of available numbers:

Drivers may pick heats ONE thru FOUR and from car numbers 1 thru 30. The driver number selected will determine the heat to be run (i.e. 100's, first heat; 200's, second heat; and so on). For example, car number "215" is the 15th car in the second heat. Any number without a heat number will be placed in the 1st heat automatically. If you cannot show up to the event please delete your registration OR email the registrar.

Fees will be $25 for anyone doing pre-registering and $30 to register the day of the event. Registration and tech will be open up to the 3rd heat. Walk ups are welcome!!!

You must have a valid driver's license. All competitors and spectators must sign the insurance waiver. 5MPH in the pits and surround areas at ALL TIMES!

If we have time at the end of the event we usually do non-comp runs for $10. Limited to the 1st 10-20 cars at the event organizer's discretion.

Visit our site for more details:

Suggested arrival time: 7:30am
Registration & Tech opens: 8:00am
Novice Walk-throughs between 9:00-9:15am
Driver's meeting: 9:15am
First car off: 9:30am
Registration & Tech closes: end of 3rd heat
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