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Just thought I'd share my ride with y'all, enjoy!

New estimate by Magnesium with the Kelford cams

Heres a video and photo of me on the Nurburgring, first time. I know I have alot to improve on, but this is the first time I've done something like this. Enjoy!

Kelford 179a Camshafts
RBC ported to 70mm (shaved and ported by me)
Hybrid Racing Throttle body 70mm
Hybrid Racing fuel rail (w/ center feed tucked fuel line)
Hybrid Racing Radiator Hose (bottom only, switched out the top one for one that fits with my CAI)
Hybrid Racing Oil Cap
Hybrid Racing PS fitting with tucked PS hose
RDX 410cc Injectors
Injen 3.5" SRI converted to Cold Air (turned intake down and routed it to fender liner and added a section to route it just like a normal CAI. Also relocated washer bottle to passenger side. So now I have a 3.5" Injen CAI instead of the 3" available CAI's)
OBX v2 Race Header 
Greddy SP2 cat-back
Hondata K'pro and IMG
Innovative 85a engine mounts
K&N breather filter
JDM Oil Dip-Stick
Saikou Michi Co. Oil Catch Can
Karcepts AC & PS Delete Kit
Tuned by Magnesium
Hybrid Racing Shifter = Badass!
Hybrid Racing Shifter Cable Bushings
M-Tec Race Springs

JDM Front iS H Badge
JDM Rear iS H Badge
JDM Front Type-S Badge
JDM Rear Type-S Badge
JDM Integra badge
Honda H center caps
Rear wiper delete
JDM Integra Type-S Door Sill Plates 
JDM Coin Holder x2
Strut King Pedals
Skunk2 Shift Knob
Black Suede Shift Boot w/ red stitching
Steering Wheel Honda H badge
Red LED floor accent lighting
White LED dome lighting
Comptech Lowering Springs
Ingalls Rear Camber Kit

Russell SS braided Brake Lines
StopTech Performance Front and Rear Pads
Other Dress-up Items
Skunk2 Valve Cover Washers
Skunk2 Fender Washers (3 sets)
Tucked Brake Booster Hose (drilled and tapped bottom of RBC and flipped Brake Booster and capped the port on the RBC)
Battery Relocated to hatch
Shorty Throttle Cable from Spaz, thanks!
Various hoses, cables, and wires either tucked or deleted 

Here's one with the battery in the hatch. One cable goes straight to the Starter and the other goes straight to the Fuse Box. Used 4 gauge and each line has a circuit breaker.

Also got the Hybrid Racing Shifter installed. This shifter is awesome, I really like how adjustable it is and it's the nicest feeling shifter I've ever used.

Here's Magnesium's estimate of Hp and Torque, with stock header and also with the race header.

Check back, should have some goodies coming in soon!

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Nice Start

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I feel like I should make a show-off thread. But I am to damn lazy. But you've got a nice car.. Glad to have met another rsx guy that is actively modding their car here in Germany

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You should do it once you get your turbo installed, it'd be badass. And we can clean up your bay, make it look nice.

Same here, theres also an Rsx guy that just got here. He's stationed in Baumholder right now and supposed to be moving to Ramstein some time. Check the military forum, a thread named "nobody in baumholder". I think thats the name of the thread.

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yeah i just went into that thread.. i think ill have a pretty badass RSX for over here in germany. pretty sure ill be the fastest one around.. i hope at least. but not the cleanest!
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