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Please follow these steps when replying to a post.

1. Scroll up.
2. Read each post, word for word.
3. If you don't quite understand what was posted, repeat step #2. If you do understand what was posted, move to step #4
4. Think about what you need to reply to and what you want to say.
5. Type out your response and see if it makes sense to what the other person posted.
6. If the response doesn't make sense, repeat step #4-5. If it does make sense, proceed to step #7.
7. Review one last time that everything makes sense and you aren't mis-quoting someone.
8. If you mis-quoted anyone, repeat steps #4-7. If you didn't mis-quote anyone proceed to step #9.
9. Did someone else already post the same exact thing? If so, proceed to step #10. If no one else posted what you are saying, proceed to step #12.
10. Repeat steps #4-9 again. If this is the second time on this step, proceed to step # 11.
11. Click the "Back button" if in regular Reply mode. If in Quick reply mode, simply move along like nothing happened.
12. Once everything is in the right order, click the "Submit Reply" button.


I reserve the right to change these steps whenever I feel it needs to be changed, so please check in regularly to find out the newest and best ways to reply to a post.
-Alpha Zero
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
Not open for further replies.