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LHD DC5R build!

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Hi guys!
im going to share my project with your forums!

Always wanted DC5 Type R but that was out of my reach, now after 2 years i was ready to get one!
Firstly was looking to buy DC5R and swap it to lhd, but its illegal and need lot of body work like firewall welding, so i passed, decided to get DC5 RSX and DC5R and build one car!

Here it is, at 19 april this year i bought OEM RSX 2006

it was 100% oem, with few body repairs, but nothing big, car was imported from USA as Salvage in 2009, repaired and it was pretty well done job, its filler on each side of body but no rust, any panel was welded so i think that was only cosmetic repair.

16 may 2015, pic from port, waiting for ferry in DC5R!

Now im changing all of parts from RSX to dc5 conversion.

Changing all parts like braces under seats - here is comparsion:

Final plan is to build DC5R with K20a N/A or K20a2 turbo, with prefacelift body in blue color, with facelift interior!

my car will look like this one!

at 13.07 we started doing engine/suspension swap.
at 16.07 it was looking like:

With engine i decided to mount new OEM honda clutch, crankshaft sealing, driveshaft axles seals, and few different another seals

Next part was puting car in famous in Poland guy who did PRC Ecu swap into RSX, all works perfectly for the moment.
I did changed all of fluids.

Brakes was also fitted from dc5r, with new set of pads and new set of rotors - so car is now 30mm wider

yesterday i recieved package from United States

Its Ktuned Race spec shifter box + race spec shifter cables, and Mtec race springs

Everything is fitted already, here are phone pics i did taken today:

Hope you enjoy!
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