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RSX Wheel Offsets and Tire Sizes.

All sizes and offsets listed below are known to work and have been used by a member here. Another tire size or offset may work than those listed, if you have used or are using an offset and tire size that is not listed below, post a reply to the thread and I will try to add it. Please be sure you know the offset works before posting and pictures always help too.

Shown below is a list of wheel sizes, offsets, and tire sizes known to work with them. All of the information below is based on RSXs without widebody kits and unrolled fenders. This way everyone will have an idea of what works on a stock body, lowered RSX. Also, these sizes are without the use of wheel spacers.

I hope this helps everyone...

Updated 04/07/07

-Stock Offset and Sizes-
'02-'04: 16x6.5" with +45mm offset.
'05-'06: 17x7" with +45mm offset.

-Bolt Pattern and Lug Nut Size-

These also apply to aftermarket wheels:
Bolt pattern: 5X114.3 (means 5 lugs spaced 114.3mm apart)
Lug nut size: 12mm X 1.5" (12mm thread size by 1.5 inches long)

-OEM or Stock Body and Fenders ]-(no alterations to the body of the car to make them fit)

16X7: +40. Tire sizes: 205/55-16 to 225-50-16.
16X7.5: +43. Tire Sizes: 225/50-16.
17X7: +35 to +60 Tire sizes: 205/45-17 to 225-45-17. (ideal offset is +42 or +43)
17X7.5: +40 to +48 (+35 w/ no drop). Tire sizes: 205/45-17 to 225/45-17. (ideal offset is +42 or +43)
17X8: +35 to +48. Tire sizes: 215/45-17 to 245/45-17. (245/40-17 was used with +40)
17X8.5: +30 offset with 215/45-17 Tire. +40 with a 235/45-17 Tire.
18X7: +37 to +45. Tire Sizes: 205/40-18 to 225/40-18. (ideal offset is +42 or +43)
18X7.5: +38 to +48. Tire sizes: 205/40-18 to 225/40-18. (ideal offset is +42 or +43)
18X8: +37 to +48. Tire Sizes: 225/40-18.
18X8.5: +45. Tire sizes: 235/40-18.
18X9: +40. Tire size: 245/40-18 ALSO>> 18x9 +29 offset, 215/45/18 tire
19X7: +40 to +45. Tire sizes: 215/35-19 to 225/35-19.
19X7.5: +43 to +48. Tire Sizes: 215/35-19 to 225/35-19.
19X8: +35 to +47. Tire sizes: 215/35-19 to 235/35-19.
20X7.5: +42. Tire Sizes: 225/30-20. NOT LOWERED! Only on '05 and up???
20X8.5: +42. Tire Sizes: 225/30-20. NOT LOWERED! Only on '05 and up???

-Offsets, Hub-Centric Rings, and Counterbores-

Basically offset is the distance from the centre of the wheel to the part of the wheel that sits against the hub of the car (mounting pad), more commonly measured in millimetres (mm).

As you can see in the diagram above, a positive offset is when the mounting pad of the wheel is toward the outer edges of the car and a negative offset is when the mounting pad is towards the centre of the car more. An offset of zero is the absolute centre of the wheel and would have an equal distance to each side of the mounting pad. For the RSX all of the offsets should be positive (+) I don't see where you would want or need to use a negative offset at all. The offset will change on wheel width too, you won't have the same offset on a 9" and a 7" wide wheel and have them fit the same on the same car.

When you buy aftermarket wheels the centre bore of the new wheel will be much larger than that of the stock wheel, this is because of the wide range of hub sizes on different cars and not all cars are made the same. So what the wheel manufacturer will do is make the hub size the largest so it will fit over any hub and then a hub-centric ring must be used to make up the difference between the RSX's stock hub size and the aftermarket rim center bore size. These are usually made of plastic or aluminium and should come with your new wheels to prevent any vibration that may occur. Without them, your wheel will not be truly centred on the hub and at certain speeds, your steering wheel may shutter and/or vibrate, just like an unbalanced tire - not a good feeling.

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i vote for the stickie

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I vote sticky. But the list should include the 15x whatever wheels. Im thinking the spoon wheels or rota knowck offs... I forget the name of em, but they're black, super lightweight. And maybe the wheels for slicks? I dunno if theyre the same.) SUBSCRIBED!

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Its been stickied, its in the wheel and tire FAQ at the top of the wheel and tire section.

And thanks, everyone was always asking what size tire do I use? Will this offset work? Hopefully this will help alot.

If you guys have a wheel size and offset that I dont have up there please post a reply to this thread and I will add it!!!

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I am new to the positive mm offset method of measuring wheels. I understand the process but why make it so difficult. When working with 4 wheel drive wheels, we used back set measurement. Distance from the wheel mounting surface to the back edge of the wheel. Do not have to refigure when the wheel width changes.
Looking at running a 245-40-17 tire on a 17-8 with a 40 mm pos offset. Calc the wheel backset @ 5-13/16" plus add a tire bulge of 3/4" gives me a back set of 6-9/16" Will this clear suspension components front and rear?
06 rsx type s
Appreciate the info,

Bronco Rider

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it says above that the maximum tire size for 17X7 rims is 225-45-17, but when I researched what I could put on my stock rims (17X7), I found that under "plus zero" sizes, there was included 235-45-17. Even though it would probably have a bulge, would it be beneficial to put them on? What about 235-40-17?
check this link, or do a search on this site for 05 rsx-s and u would find:

Plus Zero

thanks alot

also when i used a tire calculator from, I found that in comparison to the 215-45-17's stock tires, 235-45-17 would be 2.885% too slow, 235-40-17 would be .86% too fast, and 225-45-17 1.464% too slow.

Does that mean the 235-40-17, is the best fit?

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I dont doubt that the 235/45-17 would fit, but, the list that I made were all sizes that are proven to fit that have been used by someone here and not just someones word taken for it. So if someone says "yeah I have a 235/45-17 tire on my 17X7's and the fenders arent rolled and it doesnt rub" then I will add it.

Thats basically why I made this, to clear up the "he said it will work so it must fit" comments.
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