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A cold air intake is missing from your list, which is a pretty big item. And a Hondata IM gasket is only $60. How about an exhaust and high-flow cat to go with your headers?

Hondata ECU is $600, but well worth the $100 stretch over.

And definitely some good tires should be on the list. Stock wheels & tire size are more than adequate, just upgrade the rubber itself.

Strut braces (front/rear strut tower, x-brace, rear lower, etc.) aren't all that expensive either . . . .

Don't bother getting those spark plugs (or get some denso iridium's for half the price). Unless you're having problems with brake cooling, I'd save your money on the brake ducts as well. And you should be able to find a magnetic drain plug at most autoparts stores that will cost a fifth of what that Spoon one does.
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