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Hey everybody-Longtime owner of an '03 type S. Nbp w/black leather. Sauna in the summer but love the look.
Bought it almost stock from orig owner w/48k miles.
Now have 99k 4 years later.
-Greddy sp2, muffler baffles blew, replaced it w/ stainless
Magnaflow muff on Greddy piping.
-ebc reds/rotors
-future: would like to stay stock(ish) but may do rsb and upgrade my dampers when needed.
-Orig clutch, shifts like a WW1 rifle, Pnz plat+WIX ev 4k, amsoil smesh in trans every year, did plugs @ 95k, ATE blue hydraul etc. Valve adj @ 95k. I'm gonna try for the 400k club.

Now for the Q: My folks are going to Tokyo and Yokohama soon. What should I have them bring me???
-Has to be approx 10-15 lbs and not too large since its going in their suitcases. They're in their 70s.
-Im not into appearance mods and want to keep stock look.
-Thinking shifter? Front calipers? Something rare?
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